Release Radar: BigAnimal Generally Available on AWS

May 05, 2022

The BigAnimal team at EDB is excited to announce that support for AWS is generally available. You can now deploy BigAnimal clusters on either Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud infrastructure. 

With one consistent enterprise solution for both Azure and AWS, you don’t need to work with multiple and conflicting versions of Postgres in different clouds, different pricing schemes and structures, and different support teams. And, with BigAnimal being a fully managed database built and supported by our expert Postgres engineers, you can also stop wasting time and resources with database distractions such as overhead activities, backups, and maintenance.

BigAnimal is EDB’s fully managed Postgres database in the cloud and includes built-in Oracle compatibility and EDB’s Postgres expertise. BigAnimal on AWS comes with all of the key capabilities you need for your enterprise applications, including high availability, automatic backups, 24/7 operations and support. You can now connect Azure and AWS accounts and choose to provision BigAnimal clusters on either cloud.

We’ve built key integrations for BigAnimal and AWS including:


Image 1

Back in November 2021, BigAnimal launched on Microsoft Azure. Since then, you’ve been able to provision BigAnimal clusters on your own Azure infrastructure, allowing you to leverage EDB’s Postgres expertise while still preserving any existing discounts and spend commitments you may have with Azure.

Between our November launch and today, we have received great feedback and achieved even more exciting milestones, including:

Support for AWS is just the latest exciting investment we are making to help with your cloud journey.

For more information on cloud providers, see the BigAnimal docs.

Have you started test driving BigAnimal? Evaluate BigAnimal on AWS or Azure for 30 days free!

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