Release Radar: BigAnimal Expands Support for Compute Choices

March 30, 2022

BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed cloud Postgres database, runs in your Azure account on Azure instances. The EDB team is happy to announce that BigAnimal now supports new compute choices, for a total of 5 supported Azure instance series. You can now run BigAnimal clusters on General Purpose, Memory Optimized, and Compute Optimized instances, and choose between 8 sizes for each instance series.

How do compute choices benefit BigAnimal customers?

BigAnimal meets you where you are in your cloud journey; that’s why it runs in your Azure account to integrate with your existing cloud infrastructure, and preserve your discounts. Support for more compute choices in Azure provides you with the flexibility to use the right compute for the workload you need. You can now choose between three different use cases for your instances:

General Purpose: for many development, testing, and production workloads

Memory Optimized: for heavy in-memory applications

Compute Optimized: for compute-intensive workloads

Read more about Azure instance sizes here.


Selecting compute for your workload

Compute choices can be selected when creating or editing a cluster in the BigAnimal portal. 

For more information on instance types, see our docs.


Test drive BigAnimal todayThis Quick Start Guide provides everything you need to get the most out of your BigAnimal free trial.

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