Technical PostgreSQL Support and DBA Services for AWS RDS and Azure

April 02, 2020

Contributed by Bhavani Rao

There is no question that PostgreSQL adoption is increasing exponentially. Organizations of all sizes are deploying PostgreSQL for a variety of database workloads. As a result, you can find PostgreSQL everywhere—in your OS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE; on your platform in VMware, Heroku, Docker Hub; in your public cloud providers as a service, and even on Kubernetes distributions, such as Red Hat OpenShift.

There are numerous ways to consume PostgreSQL, but for those just beginning their journey, there are few enterprise-class support options. When these organizations run into a technical issue, they need one number to call—a single point of contact, anytime, day or night. Community Slack channels just don’t work well for production issues. An alternate approach would be to develop in-house PostgreSQL subject matter expertise, a dedicated DBA; but this would take resources away from the core business, and this person may not be fully utilized. There has to be a better way.

In response to this, we are excited to announce two new offerings: PostgreSQL Technical Support and Cloud DBA Service. 

EDB’s PostgreSQL Technical Support enables customers using community PostgreSQL or Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL services to leverage our PostgreSQL experts 24/7 to solve their most complex technical problems. The Cloud DBA Service enables customers using cloud compute or virtual machines from any cloud service provider with PostgreSQL DBAs who can configure, monitor and tune PostgreSQL. Our pool of Cloud DBAs supports cloud compute platforms and two popular Database-as-a-Service offerings: AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and Azure for PostgreSQL. This unburdens you from staffing your own team with a full-time DBA. Both of these offerings are intended to minimize business risk from potential downtime or remove impediments from promoting applications to production.


Unlocking the Benefits of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL consultants or remote DBA companies offer these same services, so how is EnterpriseDB different? EnterpriseDB is a leading global provider of PostgreSQL, with 16 offices worldwide. This means we can offer truly global Support at the scale our customers demand. The EnterpriseDB team includes leaders in the PostgreSQL community. We know PostgreSQL inside out, because we have contributed to it every year since the company was founded in 2006—and continue to do so actively today with community projects such as PgAdmin, Pgpool and more. Most Cloud Service Providers have made few appreciable contributions to PostgreSQL, and simply don’t have the same level of PostgreSQL aptitude.

PostgreSQL Technical Support is a great fit for customers first embarking on PostgreSQL with a project or two in test or stage, and are hesitant to invest further without securing enterprise support. It’s also applicable for customers who are perfectly happy with community PostgreSQL and are under corporate mandate or governance requirements to have support for any applications used in production. Cloud DBA Services are a great fit for customers who don’t want to dedicate a resource to monitoring or managing their cloud installation of Postgres, whether it’s open source PostgreSQL on cloud compute or via Database-as-a-Service. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL are currently supported, with plans to expand to more providers.


Ongoing PostgreSQL Support

This effort marks the first in a series of offerings by EnterpriseDB to support or manage an open source PostgreSQL distribution or third-party PostgreSQL distributions. The impetus for these two offerings is driven by our vision: to be the most customer-obsessed PostgreSQL company in the world! We are realizing this vision by delivering customers the Postgres they need. We recognize that many customers are at different stages of their adoption and may initially need PostgreSQL support or management, though they consume PostgreSQL distributions from providers other than EDB.

To that end, we want to be your partner and support your PostgreSQL journey because we think PostgreSQL is the best general-purpose database today. Get the best of both worlds—all the innovation of PostgreSQL and unmatched technical expertise from the EDB team, committed to your success in scaling enterprise PostgreSQL.

Start your PostgreSQL journey with enterprise-class support. Learn more about how to get help managing your database and projects!

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