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:Cloud DBA Service

In a world where workloads are moving to the cloud, finding database administrators with both cloud and PostgreSQL knowledge can be a challenge.

All major cloud providers

Amazon Web Services
RDS and EC2
Microsoft Azure
PostgreSQL and VM
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud

Why choose our Cloud DBA Service?

Our Cloud DBA Service provides on-demand DBAs to manage and monitor PostgreSQL databases running on all the major cloud providers. Whether your cloud platform provides full or limited management capabilities, our AWS- and PostgreSQL-certified DBAs can support your needs.

Augment your team’s cloud capabilities

Access cloud skills when you need them. Accelerate cloud adoption with the help of our professionals.

Augment your DBA team

Reduce costs without compromising on access to technical knowledge.

24x7 monitoring

Reduce downtime risk by having our globally distributed teams monitor your databases, alert stakeholders, and resolve issues.

How it works

You provision database instances on your cloud vendor of choice, and we do the rest.

We manage your database instances

We provide instance provisioning, backup and recovery, and 24x7 active monitoring.

We optimize database performance

Our professionals can optimize table partitioning, query optimization, and parameter tuning to achieve faster response times, fewer database instances, and reduced cloud costs.

You get proactive planning and guidance

We can help you proactively plan your database maintenance to monitor usage trends and prevent foreseeable outages.

Interested in EDB's Cloud DBA service?

What's included?

A minimum annual subscription of 4 database instances is required for CloudDBA services

What's included?


AWS EC2, Azure, IBM & GCP


AWS RDS, Azure Postgres & Google CloudSQL

24 x 7 monitoring
Automated monitoring implementation
Real time alerting across multiple dimensions
Customized Thresholds for Alerts
Proactive Remedy of Alerted Issues
Escalation Management, if required
Evaluation and application of database upgrades and patches
Guidance on disaster recovery planning
Production backup verification
Maintain high availability architecture
Advise on Read Scalability and Load Balancing
Trend Analysis on Capacity/Space, Load, LagMonthlyMonthly
Database Best Practice Advice
Comprehensive Performance OptimizationAnnualAnnual
Database Parameter TuningInitial & OngoingInitial & Ongoing for Permitted Set
Capacity PlanningN/A
Index Efficiency and Maintenance
Table Maintenance and Optimize Vacuum Settings
Query Optimization Guidance for Improved Performance
Table Partitioning
Connection Pooling Best PracticesN/A
User/Group Security Configuration and MaintenanceN/A
Encryption and Secured Access Best PracticesN/A
Set up Point-in-Time Recovery, if neededN/A
Install Postgres Database Instances, if needed
Set up One Dev/Test Environment per Production Environment
Establish One Read-Replica per Production Instance
Status Meetings and Reports on Ongoing Environment Health and ActivitiesWeeklyN/A
Strategic Review on Trends, Uptime, Business Alignment, Opportunities4x/year
Certified Postgres DBA Team
EDB Technical Lead as Primary Point of Contact
Customer Portal Access


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