The Very Best of PostgresBuild 2021

December 02, 2021

EDB was thrilled to host the second iteration of PostgresBuild—our annual conference focused on the European market—from November 30 to December 1. With so much evolution and transformation occurring in the enterprise field, this year felt especially vital, and we were lucky enough to be joined by a range of speakers and experts, ensuring both we and our guests achieved the fullest picture of PostgreSQL in 2021, and the future.

From keynotes, to live conversations, to technical seminars, PostgresBuild 2021 highlighted the range and the depth of PostgreSQL’s impact across industries, while underscoring the unparalleled innovation that open source technology as a whole offers.

For those who were unable to attend, we’ve compiled some key sessions from the event, so that you can experience the discussions had with PostgreSQL users, developers, community members, and innovators.

We hope you find these selections as valuable and engaging as we did.

A conversation between Marc Linster (CTO, EDB) and Frank Robben (CEO, Smals)

Frank Robben is one of the leading proponents of ICT reuse in Europe with experience as a computer scientist, a lawyer, a civil servant, and the head of multiple non-profit organizations. As the CEO of Smals, Mr. Robben has made it easier for medical organizations, from hospitals to pharmacies, to compile, organize, and access vital patient documents—all with the help of EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS)

Marc Linster Screenshot


EDB’s customer panel with Jan Karremans

Central to EDB’s commitment to PostgreSQL and the power of open source technologies are our customers, whose innovations and evolutions inform us every day. This is why we were so excited for our Director of Product Marketing Jan Karremans to sit down with PostgresBuild attendees for an extended discussion about the history, architecture, and future of PostgreSQL: where it’s going, and where it can take you. 

Jan Karremans Screenshot


Future PostgreSQL challenges with Bruce Momjian

For those immersed in the PostgreSQL space, Bruce Momjian needs little introduction. As the co-founder and a core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, Bruce has been a pioneer and expert in the technology for 25 years. For the last 15, EDB has been lucky to call him our Vice President, Postgres Evangelist. This, among many other reasons, was why we were so excited for Bruce to deliver his presentation on the challenges PostgreSQL might face in the upcoming years, and how businesses can prepare for and adapt to them. 

Bruce Momjian Screenshot


“Where the DBMS market is going” with Dr. Michael Stonebraker

As the technology’s founder and a leading voice in database systems, Dr. Michael Stonebraker is in a better position than anyone to discuss the future of PostgreSQL. We were lucky enough to have him join us at PostgresBuild to speak on key topics such as business logic and the so-called “post-relational era.” 

Michael Stonebraker Screenshot


PostgresBuild 2021 keynote with Marc Linster

EDB’s CTO Marc Linster presented a fantastic keynote on the second day of PostgresBuild, covering a wide range of subjects, top of mind for our customers. Not only did this session tackle fundamental questions like why enterprises are transitioning to the cloud and ditching legacy databases, but Marc also dove into the nuances of cloud options, and the ever-evolving reality of what the cloud actually is. Finally, he spoke about EDB’s own BigAnimal, and how we’re leveraging Cloud Native Postgres for your benefit, every day.

Keynote Screenshot


A conversation with Dr. John A. Stevenson

As a senior software developer for the British Geological Survey (BGS), Dr. Stevenson works with massive amounts of data, spread across multiple PostgreSQL infrastructures. As you can imagine, if not properly managed, a system such as this could become byzantine, bordering on unusable. Luckily, BGS’, “infrastructure-as-code approach to PostgreSQL-backed IoT sensor data sharing, has allowed Dr. Stevenson and his colleagues to tackle vital and complex studies and projects. Now he has a wealth of insights, tips, and tricks to share about how your business can manage similar environments and stacks. 

John Stevenson Screenshot



Beyond the Build

A selection of swag and prizes from PostgresBuild 2021

In addition to these and other engaging presentations, we got to connect with attendees via virtual networking sessions, a Snapbar photo booth, a giveaway booth, and more. We’re so thrilled that so many participated, and for those who weren’t able, we hope you enjoy all of the information and excitement we’ve shared here. Most importantly, we hope to see you next year!

Want to discover more of PostgresBuild 2021? Check out all of these on-demand sessions!

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