9 Reasons to Not Miss Postgres Vision 2022

May 25, 2022

Postgres Vision 2022 (PGV) is fast approaching! On June 14-15, EDB’s annual conference will bring together Postgres luminaries and experts to host a wide variety of virtual sessions discussing the latest innovations, most pressing questions and exciting frontiers surrounding Postgres database. Whether you’re an architect, developer, DevOps manager or database administrator (DBA), Postgres Vision has something for you—to help you evolve your database strategy and grow your business. 

But with so much planned, it can be overwhelming. So, we wanted to feature just a few of the biggest and best conversations from across the multiple session tracks, as well as additional ways to connect with EDB and other attendees.

1) “The Four Things I Would Most Like to See in Postgres” with Dr. Michael Stonebraker

June 14, 9-9:30 AM EST (All times subject to change)
Postgres Vision starts with a bang: one of the cofounders of the Postgres database project sharing his hopes for the future. Covering cloud enhancements, data warehousing, machine learning and the evolution of cybersecurity, Dr. Stonebraker’s keynote will not only dive into the nuances of each of these topics, but what features will help enable their markets within Postgres.


2) "2022- The Postgres Tipping Point" with Ed Boyajian

June 14, 9:30-10 AM EST
Immediately following Dr. Stonebraker’s session, PGV attendees can tune into a keynote from President and CEO of EDB Ed Boyajian. This presentation will dive into how to get the most out of Postgres database and the surrounding movement, as it becomes the gold standard for businesses and governments worldwide.


3) “How PostgreSQL Resists Automated Management (And How to Fix This)” with Robert Haas

June 14, 10-11 AM EST
Looking to enhance automated management capabilities across your Postgres architecture? Join Robert Haas, VP and Chief Data Scientist at EDB, to dive into how to make sure you get the automation you need and what that requires in Postgres.


4) “What Can You Do with PostGIS?” with Regina Obe

June 14, 11 AM-12 PM EST
As a spatial database expander for Postgres, PostGIS provides a range of benefits for your Postgres environment. What are they and how can you achieve them? Who better to explain than Regina Obe, a Project Steering Committee Member and Developer for the PostGIS project, as well as the President and Co-Founder of Paragon Corporation.


5) “Running Postgres in Kubernetes with CloudNativePG” with Gabriele Bartolini

June 14, 1-2 PM EST
A cloud native approach is one of the best ways to optimize your Postgres architecture, ensuring greater agility and freedom across the board. Here, Postgres DBA and Cloud Native Lead Gabriele Bartolini explores how to harness the power of both cloud native and Kubernetes for the ultimate Postgres database via CloudNativePG.


6) Sales and Services Booth

Check booth for schedules
One of our favorite parts of events like PGV is the chance to interact with attendees and learn about their unique Postgres experiences and questions. Join us at our sales and services booth to speak with members of the EDB team about what your ideal Postgres digital transformation could look like.


7) “Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Tales from the Field” with Paula Berenguel

June 15, 9-10 AM EST
A Principal Engineering Architect at Microsoft, Paula Berenguel sits down to share with event attendees the challenges, opportunities and lessons of Oracle to Postgres migration, culled from her years of hands-on experience.


8) “Community Track: Future-proof Your Startup Growth with Postgres” with Niels Kristian Schjødt

June 15, 11-11:30 AM EST
AutoUncle is an online platform that simplifies used car sales across Europe. As they strove to become an industry leader, they knew they needed a database that could scale with them and expand their capabilities. Senior Developer, Co-Founder and Owner Niels Kristian Schjødt explains why they chose Postgres.


9) “10 Easy Ways to Break Postgres—and How to Avoid Them Happening to You” with Lizzie MacNeill

June 15, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST
Every DBA has their share of database war stories. Join EDB Sales Engineer Lizzie MacNeill, as she shares some of her own—and shows you how to avoid Postgres hurdles with easy and intuitive measures.


Own your data, own your future

This is just a taste of what you can experience at Postgres Vision 2022. As one of the preeminent gatherings of Postgres users, community members and experts, the conference offers a plethora of insights for businesses looking to make the most out of Postgres database. Join us and learn how to take full control of their data and applications. 

For more information, follow the hashtag #PostgresVision2022 on Twitter.

Register for Postgres Vision 2022 and see the future of Postgres first hand!

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