Choosing the Cloud Database that Fits Your Business Needs: EDB BigAnimal vs. AWS

July 26, 2023

EDB has been in the Postgres game for nearly 20 years, and since then, customer expectations around Postgres migrations have evolved. Today’s development teams require quick and seamless migrations to Postgres databases in the cloud—either our cloud account or their own cloud —and there are a number of ways we’re helping customers achieve these goals and experience the full power of cloud environments.

Customers have long shown their love of EDB as a Postgres database technology partner, and were happy to have EDB BigAnimal run as a private SaaS in their AWS cloud account and burn down their cloud commits. In the last 12 months, however, we’ve seen many customers gravitate to a new option: fully managed BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service in AWS. This solution is enabling customers to ease migration and cut database maintenance time and costs by having EDB manage the AWS infrastructure.

We also added new self-service features to Big Animal that empower customers and their developer/DBA leaders to quickly establish Postgres databases in our cloud account or their own cloud service provider infrastructures and start innovating. Instead of fitting their applications to AWS’s cloud, customers are realizing that with EDB, they can choose the cloud that’s right for their apps.

In our recent “Achieving Cloud Success with EDB BigAnimal—Maximizing the Developer Experience with PostgreSQL” webinar, several of our leading Postgres experts described how BigAnimal delivers Postgres Cloud features that others can’t, which promotes business improvements by:

  • Delivering a 99.995% SLA, compared to 99.99% SLA for AWS Aurora,  by using EDB Postgres Distributed to build sophisticated, high availability environments that can span multiple geographies 
  • Easing migration by running Oracle workloads on EDB Postgres Advanced Server, which reduces application rewrites up to 80%
  • Helping you sidestep single-vendor lock-in and accelerate speed time-to-market by letting you run Postgres in the mix of different cloud environments needed to satisfy your hybrid or  multi-cloud strategy 

At EDB, we believe the future is the cloud, and that’s why we offer a number of ways to run Postgres in the cloud and maximize availability, performance, and innovation. We’re here to support your data management and cloud infrastructure goals so you can modernize your applications and take advantage of everything Postgres plus the cloud have to offer.

Get started today on BigAnimal—register in seconds with $300 in free cloud credits to access a full-featured Postgres Cloud experience within minutes.

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