Robert M. Haas

Vice President, Chief Database Architect, EDB

Robert Haas is a PostgreSQL major contributor and committer. PostgreSQL features which he has authored or coauthored include unlogged tables, fast-path locking, index-only scans, and parallel query. PostgreSQL features written by others which he has reviewed and committed include table partitioning, logical decoding, event triggers, and foreign tables. He works at EnterpriseDB as VP, Chief Database Scientist.

Prior to working at EnterpriseDB, Robert worked as a web application developer for almost 10 years. He first became interested in PostgreSQL development after running up against limitations of the PostgreSQL query optimizer during one of those jobs, specifically the inability of the optimizer to consider join removal. At EnterpriseDB, he has worked mostly on PostgreSQL, but also at times as a member of the support organization, and at other times on EnterpriseDB's Advanced Server, Backup and Recovery Tool, and Postgres Enterprise Manager products.