Postgres Vision 2021 Session Spotlight: Databases in the Cloud - Are We There Yet?

July 14, 2021

In case you missed it, we are sharing some of the top highlights from our recent virtual event, Postgres Vision 2021

In this on-demand session, Databases in the Cloud - Are We There Yet? by EDB Cloud CTO Ben Anderson, learn about what's next for databases in the cloud, where current solutions fall short, and how PostgreSQL fits in. 

Watch the session on-demand

In the 15 years since the launch of AWS it's become clear that the cloud model "works," at least for services such as compute (EC2) and object storage (S3) that have very clearly defined APIs and responsibility boundaries. This unfortunately isn't really the case for databases; the "traditional" database systems such as Oracle and PostgreSQL that most businesses rely on don't fit as neatly into the hyperscale clouds. The result is a yawning gap between simple lift-and-shift products like AWS's RDS and proprietary databases such as DynamoDB. Neither really meets the needs of many enterprise applications, making it difficult for organizations to transition to cloud.

But it doesn't have to be this way! The ubiquity of the cloud paradigm and the rise of new technologies such as Kubernetes are opening new possibilities for innovation in cloud databases, innovation that is not limited to the hyperscale clouds and their proprietary systems.

Watch the full session on-demand here to learn more!

To explore further, you can access all Postgres Vision 2021 session recordings here. 

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