The Elephant Trumpets – PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta is Here

May 30, 2014

The PostgreSQL community recently unveiled its next release with a PostgreSQL 9.4 beta candidate for public review and comment. This much-anticipated release kept up the momentum around JSON and features JSONB, a new JSON data type that stores JSON documents in a binary format that doesn’t need to be re-parsed when accessed, allowing for much faster querying and indexing.

PostgreSQL 9.4 beta was, understandably, a major topic of discussion during the PG Conf NYC 2014 PostgreSQL conference in New York last month. EnterpriseDB’s very own chief architect of tools and installers Dave Page, who wears several hats in the PostgreSQL community including core team member and secretary of PostgreSQL Europe, delivered a comprehensive overview of what’s coming in PostgreSQL 9.4 beta.

Check out Dave’s presentation, A Peek in the Elephant’s Trunk, to learn about the exciting new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 beta, including:

  •  JSONB
  • XLogInsert Scaling
  • Reduced WAL for update operations
  • New immediate recovery target option
  • Various SSL/TLS improvements
  • Dynamic shared memory
  • And more

And if you want to see Dave himself give the presentation on what’s in PostgreSQL 9.4 beta, you can check out the video here.

Keith Alsheimer is Chief Marketing Officer of EnterpriseDB.  

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