Find Budget for New Customer Engagement IT Initiatives

April 29, 2015

Today’s executives must rise to the challenge of delivering stimulating and valuable customer engagement.  Customers, partners, and employees expect a level of service that was not possible in the early or pre-internet era of computing. Now with the rise of mobile devices and applications as well as the Internet of Things, the possibilities for engaging customers and improving satisfaction are vast. The centerpiece of these customer engagement initiatives is collaboration between IT and the business parts of the enterprise.

However, IT budgets for new initiatives continue to be constrained and in some cases are getting smaller.  Up to 70% or more of the IT budget is just “keeping the lights on,” consumed by license fees and maintenance of already deployed IT infrastructure and applications. One of the largest expenditures of these is the database systems deployed throughout the enterprise. While IT has made significant cost savings at the hardware, operating system and application development parts of the IT stack by leveraging subscription-based cloud and open source products, progress freeing up money from the database portion of the budget has remained elusive.  Until now.

Open Source: The New Datacenter Standard

In Gartner’s April 2015 report, “State of Open Source Relational Databases,” they project that up to 70% of new in-house applications will use open source databases and 50% of existing commercial database deployments will be converted to open source. By moving to a subscription database offering such as EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server with database compatibility for Oracle, up to 70% of Oracle database cost may be freed up and reallocated to these all-important new customer engagement initiatives.

Learn how to embark upon this journey and collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the organization.  Focused on the CFO, finance teams and IT executives, EDB executive Marc Linster and consultant Gary Ludorf will discuss how to evaluate opportunities within your existing Oracle deployments.  They will offer advice on how to prioritize your efforts, what timeframes to expect ROI, and how EDB can help you along this critical journey.

View the webinar, Find Budget for New Customer Engagement IT Initiatives, and learn how your company can deliver compelling customer engagement moments reducing spend on existing IT infrastructure to allocate to these new, industry-leading customer-focused initiatives.

Pierre Fricke is Vice President of Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB.

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