How EDB Became the Leader in the Postgres Market

September 30, 2020

I’m delighted to share that EDB has acquired 2ndQuadrant, a global Postgres solutions and tools company. Our combined team of experts will drive Postgres innovation and growth everywhere, making EDB the largest dedicated provider of Postgres products and solutions worldwide, with more customers than any other Postgres company.


Why now?

Postgres is exploding in popularity and relevance to enterprises. As someone who’s been a passionate supporter of and advocate for the Postgres movement for over a decade, I’ve seen demand keep accelerating because the technology keeps getting dramatically better. 

I continue to be connected with our customers and lately, they’ve expressed that they’re feeling the effects of the deep, prolonged pressures of COVID-19. These pressures are solidifying their appetite for open source and hardening their resolve to move away from the restrictive, walled-garden on-prem and cloud arrangements that are holding them back. The economic windfall of Postgres is energizing them to change their strategies. They’re telling me they want more experts in databases and Postgres who can help them meet their needs now and in the future. In short - our customers are the driving force behind this acquisition. 


“Power to Postgres”

At EDB, we’re obsessed with applying our energy and expertise to supercharge Postgres for the enterprise. I’m proud to welcome the incredibly talented team from 2ndQuadrant to expand our roster of technologists dedicated to helping customers get more from Postgres.

Simon Riggs has been an important contributor to Postgres for over 15 years and has assembled an outstanding group of experts at 2ndQuadrant. It’s extremely exciting to bring our teams together because it will allow us to dive even deeper into Postgres for the market. Together, we’ll push Postgres even further in areas like replication, backup and disaster recovery, hybrid cloud deployment, high availability, Kubernetes, and analytics. We’ll also offer the largest team of technical services and support specialists to our customers and a blend of skills no other provider has.

As always, we’ll combine our innovation with highly agile and reliable execution. In doing so, we’ll create a vision for the market about what’s possible with Postgres. 


Power to Postgres.



To learn more about EDB’s acquisition of 2ndQuadrant, read the press release.



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