Modern Database Strategies Survey: Why Executives Have Everything to Gain by Moving to Postgres

November 18, 2022

Many executives today are unhappy with the high cost and inflexibility of their current legacy database management solution. Yet many are also hesitant to leave their legacy database and unsure about open source solutions.

Why is this? And how do we know? We conducted a Pulse Report with Gatepoint Research. One hundred banking, financial services and insurance professionals weighed in on the challenges they were facing with their current databases and their viewpoints on Postgres. 

The results were eye-opening. The #1 database challenge these executives faced was cost. (cited by 49%). Scalability/performance was the second largest challenge (cited by 44%). 

The most important factors when evaluating new tech solutions? Scalability (cited by 68% of execs) and cloud nativity (cited by 64%).

Yet despite these challenges, and the scalability and cloud flexibility that Postgres provides, 50% of these executives said their lack of internal knowledge and skills were holding them back from expanding their Postgres estate.

Check out the details in the infographic below. 




If, like these executives in the survey, you want to eliminate vendor lock-in and increase scalability by moving to open source, don’t let a perceived lack of Postgres knowledge hold you back! Our fully managed Postgres in the cloud service handles database maintenance for you, so you can focus on business innovation. We also offer a range of on-demand and instructor-led training courses to help you build your Postgres skills. And our experienced professionals are available to collaborate with you and ease your transition to open source.


For tips to increase your confidence in using open source and accelerate your Postgres migration, just reach out! To see the whole Pulse Report, click here!

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