Release Radar: Faraway Replicas of EDB BigAnimal Clusters

January 15, 2023

EDB BigAnimal is here to provide you with the flexibility you need to run your applications your way. That’s why, on top of supporting three different tiers of high availability and multiple cloud providers, we’ve also launched support for faraway replicas. Faraway replicas are read-only replicas of EDB BigAnimal clusters that you can provision in any supported region. Faraway replicas provide you with more options in two primary areas:

  1. Disaster recovery: You can promote a faraway replica to become its own EDB BigAnimal cluster capable of handling writes. Even if there is a regional failure that takes your entire source cluster offline, you’ll still be able to promote replicas and meet your business continuity needs.
  2. Ready query offloading: Using faraway replicas for read traffic can lighten the workload on the source cluster. You can provision faraway replicas in the same regions as where your read traffic comes from to improve query performance.

In the spirit of flexibility, our faraway replicas also give you options you might not find anywhere else:

  • Your choice of instance type and size
  • Your choice of storage volume and properties
  • No limit the number of replicas you can create


To learn more about faraway replicas in EDB BigAnimal, see our docs.

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