Top 10 Countdown - EDB Blog Reader Favorites for 2017

December 27, 2017

As we approach year end, our EDB team was inspired to take a look back at our blog posts from the year and see what topics resonated the most with our readers. Here is a Top 10 recap of your favorites from 2017.

10. Pgpool II Keeps Pace With Demands of Today’s Architectures and Workloads
This blog is about Pgpool II, the middleware product that sits between the PostgreSQL server and database clients. Coming in at #10 for 2017, our readers were ready to dive in to learn more. If you missed this post on Pgpool II, check it out now.

9. Amazon RDS and Aurora: The Golden Arches of Postgres?
Beyoncé, Michael Stonebraker, McDonalds, and Postgres! This blog had it all. No wonder it had so much appeal. But, most importantly, it addressed the question, “How do I consider which version of Postgres best meets my business goals and technical  objectives?” The answer was “it depends”. Check it out and see what you think.

8. The pg_rewind Improvements in PostgreSQL 9.6
The pg_rewind tool was first introduced in PostgreSQL 9.5, and examines the timeline histories of the new master and the old master to determine the point where they diverged. DBA’s just couldn't get enough of this practical primer. Read on for expert tips for pg_rewind from EDB’s Vibhor Kumar.

7. Who Contributes to PostgreSQL Development?
EDB’s Robert Haas does a thorough analysis of the commit log data and email counts to get to the answer. Robert admits, neither measure is perfect, but he still thinks he did a pretty good job of capturing the detail who has been moving PostgreSQL development forward. Check out findings from Robert Haas.

6. Walled Gardens or Beautiful Fields: A Model to Become Truly Digital
This blog was contributed by EDB’s own President and CEO, Ed Boyajian, where he offers advice for getting ahead in the age of digital transformation. To illustrate his point, he discusses the world of legacy technology as extensive “walled gardens” that are heavily vendor specific, compared to “beautiful fields” that offer the capabilities of interoperability, flexibility, and greater control for enterprises. Read Ed’s advice for tearing down the barriers to digital transformation.

5. Modern IT Challenges Require a Multi-model Data Platform
The data center has become complex, housing a medley of purpose-driven solutions and applications, giving rise to a range of new challenges. In this blog, we explored the the topic of this new normal in modern IT. Read on for a solid list of use cases for a multi-model data platform.

4. Cheat Sheet: Configuring Streaming Synchronous Replication in PostgreSQL
It is a cheat sheet! Who does not love a cheat sheet? This one is handy when configuring synchronous replication, offering a description of each value for the parameters and how each affects data resiliency. Favorite this one.

3. New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10
We were excited about PostgreSQL 10, and apparently so were you! In this blog, Robert Haas previewed the list of new features that were planned for in PostgreSQL 10. Check it out.

2. EDB Postgres Ark: Leveraging AWS Services for Integrated EDB Postgres Deployments
It is no secret that the cloud has become center stage, so of course this blog quickly became a fan favorite. Read on to see how EDB Postgres Ark allows enterprises to leverage their existing AWS cloud when deploying EDB Postgres though EDB’s Database-as-a-Service solution.

1. Powering Big Data Processing in Postgres with Apache Spark
EDB invested significant research and development into FDWs and released key advances to the open source community to further this capability for all Postgres users. And for good reason. This is a topic you care a lot about. Coming in at #1 for 2017 is this reader favorite, offering a demonstration of the Hadoop FDW with Apache Spark worth bookmarking.

There you have it. 2017 is a wrap. We thank you for all your participation in 2017, and look forward to continuing the conversation in 2018. Tell us what you want to hear about in the new year. What are your business priorities? What technical questions do you want to explore? Send us your comments and feedback. We blog for you.

Happy New Year from the team at EDB!

Keith Alsheimer is Chief Marketing Officer at EnterpriseDB.



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