Virtualizing Postgres

February 09, 2012

Postgres is an ideal database to run in a virtual environment or public/private cloud — one reason is that Postgres relies heavily on the operating system, rather than using features like raw devices. Second, its license is obviously very flexible for virtual deployments.

I am often asked about running Postgres in virtual environments, and I usually answer that it runs just fine — and it does. However, I am starting to realize that I am not answering the more complex questions of which visualization technology to choose, and what is the performance and reliability impact of virtualization.

I have started writing a talk, Virtualizing Postgres, which will explore this. I had great trouble finding details of exactly how major virtualization approaches differ, how CPU-accelerated virtualization works, and how additional file system layers affect performance, and how these affect Postgres. I hope to share these details, and more, in my talk.

Once I present the talk at a conference or webcast, I will add the presentation to my website.

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