Winning with EDB Postgres Support

June 27, 2023

Postgres is known for being developers’ favorite database, and with its flexibility, vibrant developer community, and ability to run on every cloud, it’s easy to see why. But just because it’s the best loved database doesn’t mean you don’t need support for it. Even the most experienced developers can use a hand with integration, data migration, and other mission critical activities.

That’s where EDB comes in. Our technical support services are designed to solve your problems and answer your questions, 24/7. 

Here’s how it works:


• The first step is to open a ticket via a phone call, email, or the EDB customer support portal to detail the issue and classify the severity.
• Our certified Postgres experts respond in as fast as 15 minutes for critical issues. 
• We’ll review your logs and case details to get a clear understanding of the issue. Our support engineers are always available to jump on a zoom call to work virtually by your side when it’s required.
• If a Sev-1 or Sev-2 issue isn’t resolved by our end of day, then we’ll transfer the case to another support engineer in a different time zone, using our follow the sun approach.
• From applying patches, to adjusting configurations, to suggesting best practices, remedies can take numerous forms. 
• We’ll be your partner throughout the entire process to ensure the issue is resolved before closing your ticket. 

Worries about technical issues shouldn’t hold you back from fully leveraging open source Postgres. And with our help, they never will.

Learn more about EDB’s technical support for Postgres

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