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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud

Foundations of EDB v13

ID: TRNG-FTP-08v13

Language: English

This complimentary hands-on course has been completely redesigned in a new interactive, self-paced format. This new on-demand style is 60% hands-on with new features including drag and drop, true & false, click to learn and quizzes all designed to increase learning retention. The course content has been updated with the new features of EDB Postgres Advanced Server v13. New v13 highlights include Parallel Vacuuming and concurrent build for indexes as well as verify backups using pg_verifybackup. 

This foundations course will focus on the essentials of EDB Postgres Advanced Server database administration; providing the skills required to install, configure, manage and maintain EDB Postgres Advanced Server. This understanding will help prepare you to manage large, highly available databases and their technical requirements with confidence. 

This course is designed for DBAs, Architects, System Administrators and IT Professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and want to understand how to use the primary features. 

Interactive on-demand, consisting of 19 modules (containing micro-modules)

Course outline

  • Introduction to EDB Postgres Advanced Server

  • System Architecture

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server Installation

  • Databases Clusters

  • Configuration

  • Creating and Managing Databases

  • User Tools: Command Line Interface

  • GUI Tools

  • Security

  • SQL Primer

  • Backup and Recovery and Point-in Time Recovery (PITR)

  • Performing Routine Maintenance Tasks

  • Data Dictionary

  • Moving Data Using COPY Command

  • EDB*Plus

  • Tablespaces

  • Oracle Compatibility

  • Migrating Oracle Objects to EDB Postgres Advanced Server

  • Data Loader 


  • Basic experience in database administration and knowledge of RDBMS concepts

  • Basic understanding of SQL

  • Basic experience with the use of the Linux operating system is helpful

Certification Path

This course is the suggested prerequisite to help prepare for the EDB Associate Certification Exam. To become certified, candidates must score a 70% or higher on the 1-hour, multiple-choice exam. Successful candidates will receive a personalized PDF certificate from EDB and a digital badge that can be shared on social media, email and more.