PostgreSQL 13 Professional Certification

ID: CERT-DBA-002.13



What's Included

This Certification assesses and certifies a database professional's knowledge to perform advanced responsibilities for maintaining and managing Postgres servers and applications successfully in a production environment. On successful completion, you will receive a personalized PDF certification from EDB and a badge that can be displayed anywhere, such as LinkedIn.

Exam Details

Purchasing this offering gives you one attempt to pass the multiple-choice, hour-long certification exam. An 80% or above score is considered passing. 

Access Period: Take anytime within 6  weeks of your purchase.

Exam Delivery 

Once you have purchased your certification exam you will receive registration details and your exam credentials by a separate email from  These details will be provided  to you within 24 hours for purchases made Monday through Friday and within 48 hours for any weekend purchases.   Please note that a certification exam purchase is for the exam only and is not inclusive of any courseware.

Digital Badge Award

A digital badge is awarded when you successfully pass your certification exam.  Digital badges are created weekly on Tuesdays and are issued to eligible recipients.


1. Associate-level certification

2. Advanced PostgreSQL course

$ 200.00