Jeevan Ladhe

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Jeevan Ladhe
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Technical Architect
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Community Contributors

Jeevan Ladhe is a Technical Architect at EnterpriseDB. He contributes to the Postgres community feature development, including bug fixes and reviews. He currently works as a database developer for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and he is responsible for feature development and bug fixes. Jeevan is also responsible for maintaining and adding features to the EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART).

Prior to joining EDB in 2015, Jeevan worked at Sybase (now SAP) for about seven years on implementation of database technologies such as high availability, database extended caching, database drivers and bulk copy. Before joining SAP he did his 6 months internship at Microsoft, IDC.

Jeevan holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science, Pune University.