EDB Introduces Two New Ways to Get Postgres in AWS Marketplace

EDB makes it easier for customers to accelerate their open-source strategies with support for EDB BigAnimal and EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Date -2023-11-28 Location - BEDFORD, MA EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), a leader in accelerating Postgres® in the enterprise, today announced EDB BigAnimal™ and EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) are now available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

EDB’s newest offerings provide customers with Oracle compatibility and distributed high availability, while also simplifying procurement and improving operational agility. AWS customers are now empowered to access these robust features on AWS, streamlining their cloud experiences and fueling business growth.

“Our goal is to make database management as seamless as possible. This work with AWS reflects our commitment to offering high-performance, secure, and reliable Postgres solutions, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. It’s all about enabling businesses to start quickly and operate efficiently,” said Chandler Hoisington, Chief Product Officer, EDB.

The integration offers a seamless transition for AWS customers, converting the complexities of traditional procurement, including protracted negotiations and intricate licensing models, into a streamlined, intuitive process. This shift is particularly beneficial for large organizations, where such complexities can significantly hinder operational efficiency.

“We’ve seen a lot of customers who’ve decided to work closely with AWS and they’re trying to figure out how to make the most from that relationship. If you are one of these customers, you can now easily buy EPAS/BigAnimal in AWS Marketplace and get a first-rate Postgres database with support via the same portal you already use to manage your other vendors.” said Hoisington. “You don’t have to spend time thinking about how to get more bang for your buck on AWS, or how to reconcile these invoices. You just get going.”

In addition to simplifying operations, AWS customers get built-in governance policies and a customized software catalog, providing developers with the tools they need to excel from the outset. It also enhances visibility across organizations in terms of usage and billing.

For detailed insights on how this work benefits businesses, visit EDB’s dedicated blog page. Discover how EDB and AWS are paving the way for a more efficient, scalable, and innovative future in cloud computing.

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EDB provides enterprise-class software and services that enable organizations to harness the full power of Postgres, the world’s leading open source database. With offices worldwide, EDB serves more than 1,500 customers, including leading financial services, government, media and communications and information technology organizations. As one of the leading contributors to the vibrant and fast-growing Postgres community, EDB is committed to driving technology innovation. With deep database expertise, EDB ensures high availability, reliability, security, 24x7 global support and advanced professional services, both on-premises and in the cloud. This empowers enterprises to control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently. For more information, visit www.enterprisedb.com.


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