EDB Upgrades EDB BigAnimal™ with Instant Deployment on All Major Cloud Platforms

EDB, the Postgres leader, addresses DBAs’ and developers’ demand for a digital buying experience that enables Postgres on any cloud, with unparalleled Oracle compatibility in a fully-managed service.

Date -2023-06-20 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), the leader in accelerating Postgres® in the enterprise, today announced enhancements to EDB BigAnimal™, including the ability to rapidly deploy a fully-managed Postgres cluster, on any major cloud platform, within a customer’s own account or through BigAnimal's cloud account. This database-as-a-service offering, fully managed by a significant contributor to Postgres, empowers businesses to deploy Postgres anywhere that fits their strategy, without vendor lock-in, with options for distributed Postgres and Oracle compatibility.

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate and Postgres is the database that developers prefer, according to the Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey. With this release, EDB has expanded the way enterprise customers purchase and manage their cloud Postgres databases. Customers now have more options to instantly build and deploy Postgres clusters on any major cloud platform, without having to go through a complicated setup or lengthy sales process. This gives customers greater flexibility, and ownership over their data than they would have through a proprietary database or cloud infrastructure provider. With EDB BigAnimal, customers have even greater freedom to run the same Postgres everywhere and choose the option that best aligns with their organizational strategies and unique agility and security requirements.

“Enterprise leaders are increasingly embracing a diversified cloud strategy that includes a multi and hybrid cloud approach, but finding support for this approach can be challenging,” said Chandler Hoisington, Chief Product Officer, EDB. “Now, with EDB BigAnimal, they can deploy their own cloud account and leverage BigAnimal's cloud account simultaneously. With options for distributed Postgres, available in BigAnimal as a preview, and Oracle compatibility, these organizations can experience extreme high availability and ease of migration, without the hassle of having to manage it themselves. With support from the company that knows Postgres better than any other, moving to the cloud has never been easier.”

Key features of EDB BigAnimal™ include:

  • Extreme High Availability with Distributed Postgres: With EDB Postgres Distributed available as a preview in BigAnimal, organizations can experience up to five nines availability, for mission-critical applications that cannot go down. This solution will also uniquely eliminate downtime during upgrades.
  • Ease of Migration with Unmatched Oracle Compatibility: As organizations build new applications in their public cloud of choice, schemas from legacy applications can quickly and easily be migrated to Postgres.
  • Fully Managed by a Significant Contributor to Postgres: Whether organizations opt for EDB BigAnimal's cloud account or their own, they benefit from EDB's 15+ years of bringing Postgres to the enterprise and contributions to Postgres code. Support includes 24x7 monitoring, enhanced security measures, network configuration, automatic backups, and expert support.
  • Try-Before-You-Buy / No-Commit Concepting: Developers and teams looking to prove out a concept quickly can try out fully-managed Postgres with BigAnimal’s cloud account before committing, then easily move to production with just the swipe of a credit card — no lengthy sales process or complicated contracts.
  • Faster, Seamless Deployment: Organizations no longer need to spend valuable time and resources setting up individual cloud accounts. EDB BigAnimal simplifies the process with just a few clicks and provides a comprehensive solution for diverse teams with varying agility and secure access requirements.
  • Flexible Options for Every Use Case: This latest release offers users more choice and flexibility for deploying Postgres workloads, allowing them to utilize BigAnimal's cloud account or their own cloud account.
  • Simplified Cost Structure/Billing: EDB aligns BigAnimal’s database-as-a-service charges and cloud infrastructure costs in one bill, making it easier than ever for customers to track and manage cloud costs in one place.


“Flexibility and ease of use have always been key to user acceptance and adoption of database technology, yet these characteristics are often missing from various open-source deployments, particularly involving PostgreSQL,” says Carl Olofson, Research Vice President of Data Management Software at IDC. “EDB BigAnimal, especially with the enhancements announced here, overcomes such obstacles to adoption and should result in more rapid acceptance of EDB Postgres in the public cloud, and faster and more successful deployments.”

“As we look to move applications to Postgres, it’s important to have a partner with deep knowledge and experience helping enterprises get the most out of the database,” said Tim Pope, Technical Program Manager at Ever.ag. “Uptime percentages are critical, as the applications we’re migrating have a very low tolerance for downtime. We want to ensure that our developers can most effectively utilize the features of Postgres, and I appreciate EDB making it easier to test items, and spin up new environments in a single click.”

Getting started with EDB BigAnimal is easy. Interested customers can try it for free, and then seamlessly move into production. To learn more about EDB BigAnimal, visit the website.

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