EnterpriseDB Announces General Availability of Postgres Enterprise Manager™

Date -2011-08-23                Postgres Enterprise Manager™ centralizes management of PostgreSQL databases

BEDFORD, Mass. – August 23, 2011 – EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, today announced general availability of Postgres Enterprise Manager™. Postgres Enterprise Manager™ allows developers and DBAs to monitor, manage, and tune both PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus® Advanced Server installations regardless of the platform they run on – from a single console application.

Postgres Enterprise Manager™ is designed for managing large-scale PostgreSQL deployments, providing essential tools for the developer, DBA and system administrator,” said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB. "Lack of tooling like this has held back many PostgreSQL users from expanding their deployments. Now, customers can easily ramp up their PostgreSQL footprint at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives."

Postgres Enterprise Manager™ includes the following enterprise-class enhancements:

        ·         Enterprise Management - Management for large PostgreSQL database installations.
        ·         Performance Monitoring Dashboards - Show at-a-glance information on I/O, storage, memory, user   and               session activity, wait statistics and more.
        ·         Alert Management Pre-defined and custom alerts warn the user when issues or potential issues are                       detected.
        ·         SQL Profiler - Allows users to pinpoint, diagnose and fix poorly performing SQL code and trace SQL                           statements that are executed against one or more servers.
        ·         Postgres Expert - A “DBA-in-a-Box” helps enforce PostgreSQL best practices with expert suggestions for                  schema design, security, configuration parameters, and more.

Supporting Quotes
“Given the amount of commercial transactions processed daily, EnterpriseDB Postgres Enterprise Manager™ is the perfect solution to allow centralized management of our PostgreSQL installations,” said Keith Alsheimer, CEO of eSpendwise. “EnterpriseDB’s products have been a critical function within our organization and we continue to rely on their enterprise-class support services to keep our databases running at exceptional performance."

“EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Enterprise Manager™ is a must have tool for new and existing PostgreSQL enterprises,” said Oscar Herrera, principal of KnowledgeSource Solutions Inc. “The predictive features of Postgres Enterprise Manager™ allows in-house database administrators the ability to educate themselves on how best to support their PostgreSQL clusters with little to no learning curve involved.”

Postgres Enterprise Manager™ is available now with any database subscription from EnterpriseDB as well as in a standalone Postgres Enterprise Manager™ subscription. To download Postgres Enterprise Manager™ please visit our Postgres Enterprise Manager™ page for more details.

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