EnterpriseDB Announces Open Beta for Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master

Date -2012-08-23 New Multi-Master Replication capability enhances the flexibility, uptime and performance of Postgres while easing the migration path from costly, traditional databases

BEDFORD, Mass. – August 23, 2012 – EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle database compatibility products and services, today announced a public beta release for its new Multi-Master Replication (MMR) capability. Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master will be featured in upcoming versions of the company’s Postgres Plus family of products. With this new capability, Postgres Plus products will give database administrators more options for write-availability and read-scalability, customization, greater database performance, and many new ways of reducing Oracle licensing costs.

In developing the MMR capability for Postgres, EnterpriseDB employed trigger-based asynchronous replication combined with sophisticated conflict resolution strategies. MMR enables DBAs managing databases with two or more writable nodes to deploy a publication server with flexible rules for resolving conflicts. The technology lets DBAs designate more than one master across multiple geographic regions for continuous master data synchronization while providing the ability to write to those masters simultaneously.

“With MMR, our customers will enjoy better performance and lower costs,” Ed Boyajian, President and CEO of EnterpriseDB, said. “Having more than one server that can handle write transactions speeds up processing. And replicating data from an older, more costly traditional database and utilizing it in Postgres for reporting eliminates some expensive licenses. Our customers have been looking forward to this release.”

With xDB, organizations can boost database performance by removing read-only workloads from the main transaction server and speed reporting results by using a designated reporting server that is synchronized with the master. xDB also lets DBAs continue using applications designed for another database but replicate data into Postgres servers thus saving on licensing fees. EnterpriseDB also built reporting and management tools and expanded the options for customization in developing MMR for its Postgres Plus.

The primary features of the new MMR capability are:

  • Trigger-based asynchronous replication
  • Master-to-master replication for two or more nodes
  • Automatic conflict detection
  • Pre-defined and customizable conflict resolution
  • Group tables in publication
  • Snapshot and synchronized data replication
  • Graphical replication management and monitoring console

The new MMR technology is currently available in beta as the xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master support. The technology operates on homogenous clusters for either PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server. The general availability version of Postgres Plus 9.2 with Multi-Master Replication is expected later this fall.

To learn more or participate in the beta, please visit https://www.enterprisedb.com/multi-master-replication.

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