EnterpriseDB Expands Global Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Agreement adds HPE’s reseller and support capabilities to support EDB Postgres database and tools software and packaged services

Date -2015-11-18 Location - Bedford, Mass The enhanced partnership significantly strengthens the longstanding strategic collaboration between EDB and HPE, which has already led to major installations. EnterpriseDB was recently recognized with the HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission Critical Computing for its work with the HPE Germany team providing solutions for a large German financial firm and other deep partnering activities. With the newly expanded agreement, HPE sales representatives will resell EDB’s database subscriptions, training, consulting and bundled services such as EDB’s RemoteDBA and Database Migration Assessment.

The agreement is inclusive of two HPE businesses providing support services for HPE products and third-party vendor products, and applications and tools for telecommunications customers. These applications and tools are engineered and certified to operate on EDB Postgres Advanced Server in order to achieve substantial database cost saving for CMS customers.

In addition, HPE representatives are being trained and certified to provide frontline support for resold subscriptions around EDB Postgres deployments, with backline support from EDB. HPE can also provide consulting and outsourced managed services around deployment of the resold EDB Postgres subscriptions.

“HPE has a long track record of delivering superb IT support, services and software solutions to enterprises around the world,” said Mike Huseman, senior vice president, global sales and business development at EDB. “Our partnership has now lasted more than five years, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration with HPE global sales teams to provide cost-effective database solutions and services for customers worldwide.”

“EnterpriseDB has a strong reputation for dedication and expertise in addressing the business and technology challenges of their customers,” said Martin Epping, Business Manager Products & Solutions, Enterprise Group Germany, HPE. “We are confident that together, we’ll create greater opportunities for our end users to build more agile, innovative businesses with enterprise-class performance, security and manageability.”

EDB Postgres database solutions leverage HPE products for mission-critical deployments for large enterprise IT environments and include performance, security and, with EDB Postgres Advanced Server, compatibility enhancements integrated with Postgres, the world’s most advanced open source database.

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