EnterpriseDB Integration With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Provides New DevOps Efficiencies for Flexible Database Deployments

New Red Hat-certified EDB Postgres containers for the OpenShift Container Platform help users speed the development and deployment of new digital applications

Date -2017-05-03 Location - BOSTON Red Hat designated EDB as a member of the OpenShift Primed program to acknowledge EDB’s development of a containerized EDB Postgres Platform. EDB Postgres Advanced Server (database) and EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery can be easily provisioned and managed through Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. EDB’s Red Hat-certified container images will be published in the Red Hat Container Catalog.

“Our customers face rapid transformation in their industries and must accelerate software development. Enterprises adopt container application platforms, like OpenShift, to speed up the provisioning of new applications,” said Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product Management, at EDB.

“Customers needing an easy way to deploy an EDB cluster to use with their containerized applications will be able to take advantage of the work done not only to containerize EDB, but have it orchestrated with OpenShift,” said Chris Morgan, OpenShift Ecosystem Technical Director, Red Hat.

The EDB Postgres Platform Containerized

EDB worked closely with Red Hat to certify a set of two Linux containers for the Red Hat Container Repository:

  • One container is preconfigured with the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server 9.5 database, EDB Postgres™ Failover Manager, and pgPool for load balancing. This container for the EDB Postgres Platform allows the database container image to be configured as a high availability cluster with built-in load balancing.
  • The other container is preconfigured with EDB Postgres™ Backup and Recovery.

Together, these containers offer a highly resilient enterprise-grade database solution for deployment of the EDB Postgres Platform.

Hensarling added, “By creating containers that are preconfigured and by integrating our database platform with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, we are streamlining the entire DevOps process, and thus helping to reduce software delivery cycle times.”

For more information about the EDB Postgres Platform, email info@EDBPostgres.com

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