EnterpriseDB Powers Subscription Growth for 40th Consecutive Quarter; Signs IBM Agreement

Date -2020-02-19 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. EnterpriseDB, the enterprise Postgres company, today announced that it achieved its 40th consecutive quarter of subscription growth, including 61 percent growth in annual recurring revenue. EnterpriseDB also signed a multi-year agreement with IBM to sell the EDB Postgres™️ platform, the company’s enterprise-ready version of the popular PostgreSQL database management system.

EDB Innovation Drives Enterprise Postgres Adoption

Over the last several years, Postgres has increased in popularity for applications as developers and database administrators embrace open source technologies. EDB builds on Postgres to enable enterprises to manage and deploy their most complex workloads wherever they choose, whether on premise, in containers or in the cloud.

“EnterpriseDB has been on an intense growth trajectory, and we are relentless about helping our customers get the most out of Postgres,” said EnterpriseDB president and CEO, Ed Boyajian. “Over the past decade, we’ve been obsessed with offering our customers the Postgres they need, where they need it. We’ve done that by giving them the best technology and expertise available, and the results show.”

Helping to propel the company’s growth was the signing last year of a multi-year agreement with IBM, which enabled its affiliates and resellers to sell EDB Postgres as the IBM Data Management Platform for EDB Postgres Enterprise. The agreement gives IBM enterprise customers a rich data environment and set of extended capabilities that support database deployment in both high-availability production and cost-effective non-production environments. EDB will back up IBM’s support and provide customers with technical support expertise as needed.

“The IBM and EDB partnership gives IBM's global clients direct access to the market-leading PostgreSQL enterprise offering,” said Thomas Chu, director, offering management, Hybrid Data Management, IBM. “It is also an integral part of our mission to help customers modernize their data landscape and utilize artificial intelligence (AI) through IBM Watson, as well as Cloud Pak for Data.”

New Global Customers 

In the past quarter, EDB won significant business with government agencies, state governments, financial firms, and retailers. Two such organizations are GE Aviation Systems Limited and French multinational retailer, Carrefour. 

Expanded Leadership Team

EDB welcomed two new executives to its leadership team. John Murphy joined the company as senior vice president of products. He is in charge of driving the company’s overall product strategy globally and creating new products and services that increase the value that EDB delivers to its customers. John brings extensive experience working for IBM as vice president in the data and analytics group. 

Brad Noble joined EDB as chief experience officer. In this newly created position, Brad is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in user experience from the earliest stages of engagement, through product evaluation and into production. Prior to EDB, he served as vice president of product design for the Cloudant database as a service, which was acquired by IBM. 

EDB Postgres 12 Builds on Latest PostgreSQL Release

EDB Postgres™️ Platform 12 builds on the capabilities of PostgreSQL 12 to deliver the scalability, high availability and disaster recovery required by enterprises. The release includes major enhancements, such as the addition of automatic interval partitioning and compound triggers to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) Database; an enhanced graphical user interface and jobs scheduler for task automation to the EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM); and the EDB Postgres Kubernetes Operator to EPAS to help developers and DevOps teams deploy and scale on Kubernetes faster. Details about EDB Postgres Platform 12 updates can be found here.


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EnterpriseDB (EDB), the enterprise Postgres company, delivers an open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability. EDB Postgres makes organizations smarter while reducing risk and complexity with enterprise-proven management tools, security enhancements and Oracle compatibility. Over 4,000 customers worldwide deploy diverse workloads including transaction processing, data warehousing, customer analytics and web-based applications, both on premise and in the cloud. EnterpriseDB is based in Bedford, Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.EnterpriseDB.com.


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