EnterpriseDB Releases Feature-Rich Second Beta

Date -2005-06-28

Positive Market Response to First Release Fuels Delivery
of Customer-Requested Features

EDISON, N.J., June 28, 2005 – EnterpriseDB Corporation, an enterprise-class database company, announced today the immediate availability of EnterpriseDB 2005 (EDB2005) Beta 2, which includes support for additional platforms, user-defined functions, database replication and native stored procedure support for .NET clients. EDB2005 is built on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database, and is compatible with many applications written for Oracle databases. The free Beta 2 download and further information are available at the company’s website, www.enterprisedb.com.

The market response to our first Beta release was simply phenomenal, with many thousands of downloads in the first month, and very positive comments from our customers, said Andy Astor, CEO of EnterpriseDB. Thanks in large measure to the world-class quality of the PostgreSQL database, Beta 1 was already so robust and stable that we were able to concentrate on significant feature enhancements immediately, rather than mere bug and stability fixes. This enabled us to move the product forward with the most-requested features only a month after our initial launch.

The new features of the Beta 2 release of EDB2005 include:


  • New Platform Support: EDB2005 now supports Mac OS/X, Solaris and nearly all 64-bit and 32-bit Intel/AMD Linux distributions.
  • Replication: Database replication capabilities based on the open source Slony-I project enable failover protection and allow sophisticated reporting, decision support and remote access without compromising the performance of websites and other applications that exercise the principal database.
  • Stored Procedures from .NET Clients: Native support has been added for Oracle™-style stored procedures called from .NET clients.
  • Functions: EDB2005 now supports user-defined functions. Coupled with "Redwood-style" SQL syntax, datatypes, triggers and stored procedures, this adds significantly to the product’s compatibility capabilities.

The General Availability version of EDB2005 is expected later this summer. In the meantime, commercial-grade technical support is available free of charge from EnterpriseDB.


About EnterpriseDB Corporation

EnterpriseDB provides and supports enterprise-class database products that are based on time-tested open source, that are broadly compatible with proprietary databases and that are robustly reliable and scalable. EnterpriseDB was founded in March 2004, and is headquartered in Edison, N.J. For more information, contact +1-732-331-1300 or visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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