EnterpriseDB Vice President and PostgreSQL Community Leader Robert Haas to Present at PGConf India 2017

Date -2017-02-23 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. and BENGALURU, India Haas will deliver his presentation, titled Moving PostgreSQL Forward, on Friday, March 3. He will examine the methodical process the PostgreSQL community employs to develop its code base and the impact it has on the timeline for new feature delivery. Haas will further consider how the PostgreSQL community could accelerate development.

Haas both manages the engineering group at EnterpriseDB responsible for the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database, and also makes critical contributions to the PostgreSQL core code base. He is a Major Contributor and Committer for the PostgreSQL community, and has played a critical role in the development of parallelism for PostgreSQL.

Other EnterpriseDB representatives participating in PGConf India 2017 are:

  • Rafia Sabih, Software Engineer, and Dilip Kumar, Principal Software Engineer, will present on Friday, March 3. Their presentation, Query Parallelism in PostgreSQL: Expectations and Opportunities, explores how parallelism capabilities have expanded in Postgres.
  • Ashutosh Babat, Technical Architect, Database Server, will present on Friday, March 3. His presentation, Partition and Conquer Large Data in PostgreSQL 10, will examine advances in partitioning planned for the next version of PostgreSQL.
  • EnterpriseDB Database Administrator Ranjeet Dhumal will lead a class on March 2. The training, Postgres Performance Tuning for DBAs and Developers, will cover all aspects of SQL tuning as well as benchmarking and tuning database server parameters for optimal performance. 

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