Webinar Explores How Organizations Realize 168% ROI with EDB Postgres

Date -2016-08-10 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. When: The free, 45-minute webinar will be held at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, August 18, 2016.

Who: Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Application Development and Deployment, IDC. Olofson will cover analysis from the new white paper titled The Economic and Business Advantages of EnterpriseDB Postgres Database Solutions, developed by IDC and sponsored by EDB.

What: The analysis is based on interviews with EDB customers about their deployment of EDB Postgres. Olofson will review findings detailed in the new white paper showing customers’ actual results from using the EDB Postgres Platform. 

How to Register: For additional information and to register for the webinar, please click here.

The white paper highlights that by using EDB Postgres, organizations will:

  • spend an average of 42% less on operations over three years using EDB Postgres than alternative database solutions;
  • achieve a three-year ROI of 168%; and
  • avoid vendor lock-in, a concern commonly expressed by the companies interviewed.

Each of the factors above has a significant effect on an organization’s ROI when implementing an EDB Postgres solution.

During the webinar, Pierre Fricke, Vice President, Product Marketing, EDB, also will provide an introduction to the EDB Postgres Platform, as well as facilitate the webinar.

About the EDB Postgres Platform

The EDB Postgres platform provides organizations a comprehensive solution for adopting Postgres in the enterprise to transform core IT and develop new applications at scale at the lowest risk. It is available in three subscription models:

  1. EDB Postgres Enterprise – Advanced security, higher performance, database compatibility for Oracle® and EDB Postgres™ Tool Suites. The EDB Postgres Enterprise subscription includes the EDB Postgres Advanced Server database and database compatibility with Oracle.
  2. EDB Postgres Standard – Open source PostgreSQL for the enterprise—the world's most advanced open source DBMS—with the EDB Postgres Tool Suites; EDB Postgres Standard includes the PostgreSQL database.
  3. EDB Postgres Developer – Access to EDB Postgres DBMSs, EDB Postgres Tool Suites, and the benefits of working in a licensed, updated and supported environment; EDB Postgres Developer offers your choice of DBMS and targets developer use for a range of initiatives including new application development, application modernization, cloud re-platforming, and legacy DBMS replacement.

All three EDB Postgres subscriptions include comprehensive management, integration, migration tool suites, global support and upgrades, and are deployable across a wide range of on-premise and cloud configurations.

To get started with the EDB Postgres platform, download EDB Postgres Advanced Server here. For more information, contact sales@enterprisedb.com.

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