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PostgreSQL Developer Tools and Scripts for Node.js, PHP, Python, Go and Java

PostgreSQL developer's resources consist of PostgreSQL installation and configuration guide, training materials, deployment, and use cases, example scripts, codes, tips, and tricks to interact with PostgreSQL from different programming languages such as PHP, Python, Golang, Java, and Node.js.

How to Use EXPLAIN ANALYZE for Planning and Optimizing Query Performance in PostgreSQL

EDB Team4/30/2020

With many people working from home these days because of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a little challenging to get help from a colleague remotely. Sure, there’s Slack and all manner of collaboration tools, but it’s not quite the same as walking ...

Why Django is so impressive for developing with PostgreSQL and Python 

Navnath Gadakh4/15/2020

This post gives you a brief idea about why you should use PostgreSQL as a backend database with Django. It also describes how to use it and the benefits of using PostgreSQL with Django. 

PostgreSQL query tuning checklist

Tushar Ahuja4/6/2020

This article offers a checklist of tools available for improving PostgreSQL query performance.

How to quickly build an API using Node.js & PostgreSQL

EDB Team2/20/2020

This article describes how you can use Node.js and PostgreSQL to create an API and provides an example for how to create a table.

Connecting to PostgreSQL using PHP

Abhishek Deb2/19/2020

This article reviews the steps necessary for connecting to a PostgreSQL database using PHP.

PostgreSQL and Golang Tutorial

Richard Yen1/9/2020

How to use PostgreSQL with Golang: This article covers how to use PostgreSQL together with the programming language Golang (Go). After showing how to get started with Go’s Object Relational Mapper, it offers an example of setting up a PostgreSQL data ...

How to use Java to create a table in PostgreSQL

Ranjeet Dhumal12/30/2019

This article shares a sample Java program that can be used to create a table in PostgreSQL.

How to use PostgreSQL with Django

Richard Yen12/30/2019

This article covers how to use PostgreSQL together with the Python web application framework Django. After walking through the Django installation process it shows how to get started creating a simple Django application.

10 Tools every developer should have when working with PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja12/20/2019

This article lists 10 open source tools to help developers working with PostgreSQL.

How to use PostgreSQL with Laravel

Richard Yen12/19/2019

This article covers how to use PostgreSQL together with the PHP framework Laravel to deploy web applications. After walking through the Laravel installation process it shows how to get started and create tables.

Why Do We Install Software As Root ?

Dave Page9/11/2018

Why do we install as root?   A couple of common questions I hear from customers (usually long-time users of a particular database from Redwood) via our guys in the field is “why do we install our software as root?” And “why do we run services as post ...

Index Corruption in PostgreSQL: The Hidden Cost of Your Queries

EDB Team5/7/2020

   A corruption in the database base often manifests itself in the form of errors when performing a DDL or DML operation on affected relations. The errors often show up as errors reading tables due to a missing file—that is rather straightforward, of ...

How to make queries faster with multicolumn indexes

Ranjeet Dhumal3/25/2020

This article introduces multicolumn indexes and explains how they can by used to make large queries run faster.

How to implement faceted search with Django and PostgreSQL

Navnath Gadakh3/24/2020

This article discusses the advantages of faceted search and how to create a faceted search using Django and PostgreSQL.

The Future of Postgres in a Multi-Cloud World: A Developer Perspective

Marc Linster3/3/2020

  The annual PGConf India conference just took place in Bengaluru on February 26-28, where EDB had seven of its experts speaking—including a keynote address by senior VP of product development, Marc Linster titled, "The future of Postgres in a multi- ...

How to call PostgreSQL stored procedures from a PHP application

Abbas Butt2/19/2020

This tutorial provides instructions and an example for calling a PostgreSQL stored procedure from a PHP application.

How to work with Blobs when using PostgreSQL and PHP

Abbas Butt2/19/2020

This tutorial provides instructions and an example for converting large files like images into binary large objects (blobs) that can be stored in a PostgreSQL database using PHP.

How to use clauses when querying data (FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, BETWEEN, LIKE, FETCH)

Arun Gavhane2/19/2020

This article discusses the use of clauses in PostgreSQL queries to filter and organize data in results. It introduces different clauses and provides examples of their usage.

How to query PostgreSQL data using the SELECT statement in Java

Ranjeet Dhumal1/2/2020

This article provides instructions for querying data using the PostgreSQL SELECT statement in Java.

How to use tables and column aliases when building a PostgreSQL query

Prabhat Sahu1/2/2020

This article explains how to use table and column aliases in PostgreSQL to create more meaningful queries.

How to combine multiple queries into a single result set using UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT

Thom Brown12/6/2019

This article discusses methods for comparing and combining multiple queries into a single result set in PostgreSQL.

Using SELECT to query data from a single table and multiple tables 

Hrishikesh Gore12/6/2019

This article covers the SELECT statement in PostgreSQL and how to use it to query data from single and multiple tables

How to select distinct values from query results in PostgreSQL

Tushar Ahuja12/4/2019

In this post, we are going to see how to select distinct values from SQL queries/statements. One of the easiest ways to select distinct values is using the DISTINCT keyword.

Indexing Documents for Full Text Search in PostgreSQL

Dave Page11/6/2019

During a conversation with $BOSS a couple of days ago the topic of the new Full Text Search in MongoDB came up. He (knowing of, but presumably having never worked with FTS in PostgreSQL) suggested I might create a tool like the one the MongoDB guys w ...

pgbouncer auth_query and auth_user pro tips

Richard Yen11/6/2019

Anyone running a database in a production environment with over a hundred users should seriously consider employing a connection pooler to keep resource usage under control. PgBouncer is one such tool, and it’s great because it’s lightweight and yet ...

jsquery vs SQL/JSON

Thom Brown8/30/2019

SQL/JSON is coming to PostgreSQL 12 and provides a native way to query JSON data (although, to be specific, JSON data stored as a JSONB data type).  This also introduces the jsonpath data type which is used for SQL/JSON query expressions.  I'll not b ...

Postgres Developer Tools: 6 Things You Should Know

EDB Team5/16/2019

Postgres Sees a Sharp Rise in Popularity with Developers For a long time now, PostgreSQL has been one of the most frequently deployed relational database management systems. Over the past few years, however, it has seen a sharp rise in popularity wit ...

JDBC logging using java.util.logging

EDB Team3/26/2019

The EnterpriseDB JDBC Driver supports the use of logging (or tracing) to help resolve issues with the JDBC Driver when is used in your application. The JDBC Driver uses the logging APIs of java.util.logging (part of Java since JDK 1.4), which makes i ...

How to Plan Queries Involving Foreign PostgreSQL Tables

EDB Team7/3/2018

Cost based optimization   A query may be executed in many different ways, modeled as plans in query optimizer, differing in resources required and/or execution time. A typical DBMS's query optimizer tries to find all the possible plans for executing ...

How to use Xmin in PostgreSQL Queries

Bruce Momjian12/5/2017

Someone at a conference mentioned they were using the invisible xmin column to perform updates. I was initially skeptical of this approach, but once he explained the purpose, it made sense.

PL/Java Adoption

Bruce Momjian9/19/2017

PL/Java has been around since 2005, but it has regularly struggled to gain users. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems are specific to the Java language and hamper its adoption. First, there are a limited number of people who know both Java and th ...

Using Java to Manipulate SQL Structures and Arrays

EDB Team11/6/2015

*/ The only data structure recognized in traditional SQL databases was the row, and repeating groups were extracted into child rows linked through foreign keys.  It worked well but could be somewhat artificial and cumbersome for programmers.  With m ...

React.js vs. Vue.js: Choosing a Web Framework in 2020

EDB Team2/13/2020

  Deciding on a development framework for a new project is often done ad hoc, based on the available expertise and personal preferences of the developers involved in the project. However, the more rational approach for an enterprise would involve loo ...

Query Plan Improvement with Expression Indexes in PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian11/7/2019

Most people know that Postgres allows the creation of indexes on expressions. This is helpful if you need index lookups of expressions used in where clauses. However, there is another benefit to expression indexes, and that is optimizer statistics. N ...

Partition-wise Joins: “Divide and Conquer" for Joins Between Partitioned Table

EDB Team1/2/2018

Unlike inheritance-based partitioning, declarative partitioning introduced in PostgreSQL 10 leaves nothing to infer about how the data is divided into partitions. PostgreSQL 11's query optimizer is gearing up to take advantage of this "no-inference" ...

How to install PostGIS on EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Phil Allsopp5/8/2019

PostGIS is a spatial extender for Postgres and adds more geometric types and spatial functionality to Postgres. You can use PostGIS to easily calculate distances between geometric objects, examples of which are points, lines, and polygons; you can ea ...

Us and Them: The DBA – Developer Conflict

Jan Karremans5/3/2019

Us (us, us, us, us) and them (them, them, them, them) And after all we're only ordinary men - Wright/Waters Database Administrator vs Developer “Us and Them”, as many will know, is a powerful song by the rock group Pink Floyd about conflict.  And, li ...

Installing and running EDB Postgres Advanced Server cluster on RHEL 6 or RHEL 7

Haris Iftikhar3/27/2019

Quickly (less than five minutes) install and run a default EPAS 11 cluster on RHEL 6 or RHEL 7