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PostgreSQL High Availability

A fundamental principle for high availability in PostgreSQL is eliminating a single point of failure, having a reliable crossover, and early detection of database failure. The concept of High availability, failover, and replication are intertwined. In this archive, DBA's and System administrators can find tips, tricks, tutorials, and training resources to achieve high availability in different deployment environments.

What Does "Database High Availability" Really Mean?

Vibhor Kumar4/7/2020

  For many of our customers, High Availability is a key concern. Their architects spend a lot of time in designing and planning for high availability of applications and databases. High availability is important for business continuity. A short downt ...

Top Tools to Manage Postgres in an Enterprise: Administration, Performance, High Availability, and Migration

Marc Linster4/8/2020

This blog post lists tools for managing Postgres in the enterprise for administration, performance tuning, recovery, oracle to Postgres migration and high availability. While this is a big topic, there are common denominators that we have seen in man ...

Patching Minor Version in Postgres High Availability (HA) Database Cluster: Plans & Strategies for DBAs

Vibhor Kumar5/5/2020

  This blog is part of a series that will discuss best practices for High Availability (HA) for Postgres databases. In a prior blog, I explained what High Availability means (What Does "Database High Availability" Really Mean?). Future blogs will loo ...

Want True High Availability? Ask These 5 Database Design Questions

EDB Team4/5/2019

The use cases of a highly available database may vary between a financial services organization or a telecommunications provider, but the desired result is the same: an incredibly reliable database that minimizes downtime. Organizations often strive ...

EDB Statement: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

EDB Team3/13/2020

  At EDB, the health and safety of our employees and the global community are our highest priorities. That is why, in light of the recent revelations shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) that describe the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a “pandemi ...