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PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring and Alerting

An essential task of a DBA is to monitor PostgreSQL for faults. The primary reason to monitor PostgreSQL are availability, system optimization, identify performance problems, business process improvement, and capacity planning. There are many tools available to help monitor PostgreSQL at scale. While some of these tools are free, most are paid and more suitable for enterprise deployment environments. To monitor PostgreSQL effectively, DBA's and system administrators use tools to create custom alerts and notifications that can provide live and proactive alerts for faults. In this archive, once can find tips, tricks, and tutorials to monitor PostgreSQL.

How To Monitor PostgreSQL Like a Pro!

EDB Team2/18/2020

In this post, we dig into why it's essential to monitor Postgres, and how to do it effectively. 

Tools for Monitoring Postgres Databases

Bhavani Rao9/24/2019

Users depend on databases to carry out meaningful work. Whether it’s connected to a mission-critical application or helping a single user carry out a very specific task, databases must be well-maintained in order to provide high performance. Proactiv ...

EnterpriseDB Updates Tools, and Enhances Security and Alerting

Marc Linster4/19/2018

Database administrators need tools for database maintenance, performance optimization, and configuration as well as creating a highly available supportive infrastructure. EnterpriseDB (EDB) leads the industry in creating best-in-class Postgres tools ...

What Happens if You Don’t Monitor Your PostgreSQL Database Effectively?

EDB Team2/6/2018

A good DBA is someone who knows how to monitor the databases EFFECTIVELY and when it comes to a production or business critical database, the job becomes even more crucial. ​Not monitoring your databases and system effectively may lead to a severe ca ...

Monitoring approach for Streaming Replication with Hot Standby in PostgreSQL 9.3.

Vibhor Kumar5/21/2014

*/ The people using PostgreSQL and the Streaming Replication feature seem to ask many of the same questions: 1. How best to monitor Streaming Replication? 2. What is the best way to do that? 3. Are there alternatives, when monitoring on Standby, to ...

Monitoring Postgres from the Command Line

Bruce Momjian8/6/2012

You might already be aware that Postgres updates the process title of all its running processes. For example, this is a Debian Linux ps display for an idle Postgres server:     postgres 2544 2543 0 10:47 ? 00:00:00 /u/pgsql/bin/postmaster ...

Monitor CPU and MEMORY percentage used by each process in PostgreSQL/PPAS 9.1

Vibhor Kumar7/23/2012

*/ PostgreSQL has pg_stat_activity view which can be use to get the session details. This view gives following information: 1. datid: database OID 2. datname: database name 3. procpid: process ID 4. usesysid: user OID 5. usename: user name 6. appl ...

Going after load spikes and performance lulls with Postgres Enterprise Manager

EDB Team12/2/2011

Bruce Momjian recently did a blog on Postgres Monitoring tools. I want to point out a unique and useful feature of Postgres Enterprise Manager from EnterpriseDB. I frequently hear from prospects that they would like us to help them debug periodic per ...

EnterpriseDB integrates Backup and Recovery tools with Postgres Enterprise Manager for superior database management

Vishal Sawale2/4/2020

This post discusses the EDB Backup and Recovery Tool integration into EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager.

Postgres Enterprise Manager Architecture

Dave Page11/19/2019

Postgres Enterprise Manager or PEM is a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) from EnterpriseDB. It is a distributed application with a number of components that can be installed in ma ...

Monitoring Amazon PostgreSQL RDS with PEM version 6.0

Vibhor Kumar2/10/2017

The EDB Postgres™ Enterprise Manager is an enterprise management tool designed to tune, manage, and monitor a large number of Postgres deployments on servers on-premises or spread out across geographical boundaries. It is the cornerstone of the Manag ...

Monitoring in PostgreSQL 9.6

Thom Brown4/26/2016

This is part 2 in a 4 part blog series on improvements coming in PostgreSQL 9.6. Part 1 - Horizontal Scalability  Join Pushdown Sort Pushdown "Walk and chew gum at the same time" Part 2 - Monitoring  VACUUM progress monitoring  Wait monitoring Part 3 ...

How to replace Postgres Enterprise Manager self-signed certificates with certificates provided by Certificate Authority (CA) 

Shubham Agarwal5/5/2020

This article provides instructions for how to replace self-signed certificates for Postgres Enterprise Manager with authorized certificates issued by Certificate Authority.

Extending PostgreSQL Monitoring in Postgres Enterprise Manager by Creating Custom Probes

Nidhi Bhammar4/24/2020

This article defines a probe and provides instructions for creating custom probes for PostgreSQL using EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM).

How to Replacing httpd self signed SSL certificates with trusted CA signed certificates in Postgres Enterprise Manager

Ankit Shukla7/22/2019

In this blog post we will go trough the steps to replace httpd self signed SSL certificates with trusted CA signed cerficates in Postgres Enterprise Manager

Integrating Nagios with EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

Dave Page11/16/2016

A cornerstone of the Management Suite in the EDB Postgres Platform is EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM). The suite provides key management, monitoring, and development capabilities. PEM is designed for monitoring and managing both small and large ...

Be the Master of All You Survey with Postgres Enterprise Manager 5.0

EDB Team3/2/2015

With the most recent release of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4, EnterpriseDB (EDB) has also upgraded our database enterprise management console, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM). The new PEM 5.0 delivers all the enterprise-class tools necessary f ...

Postgres Enterprise Manager; I love it when a plan comes together

Dave Page8/23/2011

After 9 months of heads-down work, I'm glad to finally be able to talk about the project I and a number of colleagues here at EnterpriseDB have been working on... Introducing Postgres Enterprise Manager! Postgres Enterprise Manager, or PEM as we tend ...