Postgres Clustering with EDB

Cluster Management software enables Postgres to keep serving up data even when hardware fails, so you can keep your applications and users up and running.

Failover Manager

Manage high availability for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server clusters using physical streaming replication on Linux

Replication Manager (repmgr)

Create and manage PostgreSQL clusters using physical streaming replication on Linux


Leverage open source to manage high availability for Postgres clusters using physical streaming replication on Linux

Cluster Management Without the Hassle

With EDB BigAnimal, we manage clusters for you to keep your applications running in the cloud

What's included?


Failover Manager


Automatic failover
Manages primary/standby streaming replication clusters
Protection against common split-brain scenarios
Quorum and consensus resolution
Set up new standbys with a single command
Switchover with a single command
Enables 99.99% availability requirements
Configure prioritization rules for which standby to promote
Reconfigure standbys to follow newly promoted primary
Reconfigure synchronous replication parameters on cluster changes
Event logging for cluster events  
Virtual IP management N/A
Built-in integration for traffic routing management
Event notifications using SNMP and email *
Customizable with scripts
License EDB GPLv3 MIT

 * Not in our supported configuration.

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