HORSE RACE: Live Benchmark between EDB Postgres running in AWS and Azure

With the Kentucky Derby happening on May 1st, we at EDB wanted to continue that excitement with our own database race.  EDB will use a standard benchmark kit to run a like workload across AWS and Azure to identify best performance - while also sharing the best practices and cloud component decisions that optimize performance.  For instance, it is very easy to overpay for storage (rather 'Ultra Disk' in Azure or 'io' in AWS) and not realize any value - in some cases bloating an environment by over 4x in cost with no performance value.  While the benchmarks run, we will discuss and compare all the platforms racing and share previous efforts to identify best practices in each cloud.  At the end of the race, the benchmark results will be fed into a costing calculator so you can identify the winner not just technically - but more importantly the best cost-per-transaction.  ALL LIVE - for you to ask questions and experience for yourself.


Webinar video:

Webinar slides: