Ask the Expert: How to Master Postgres Databases in the Cloud

When considering a cloud based database, many organisations focus on the elasticity and flexibility a cloud solution will provide but what are the best practices for deploying, running and managing Postgres in the cloud?

Our Ask the Expert webinar will cover ways to leverage cloud capabilities, key use cases and what the best approach is in different scenarios. Our expert will also be open for questions throughout the webinar so you can ask the cloud database questions you’ve been needing an answer for.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding cloud deployments and managed services of Postgres
  • Finding the best fit to run Postgres on IaaS, Cloud Native or DBaaS
  • How do various deployment options compare
  • Demonstration of a Postgres deployment on EDB fully managed cloud


Host: Kevin Li, Director Sales Engineer EMEA, EDB
Speaker: Sergio Romera, Senior Sales Engineer EMEA, EDB

Webinar Recording:

Webinar Slides: