Auditing and Monitoring PostgreSQL/EPAS

The most common problems a database administrator or user encounters while working on a database is to audit and monitor the health of their databases which includes observing the database activity so as to be aware of the actions of the users, finding the slow running statements, finding why database systems performance is low during certain intervals or diagnosing the corruption issues.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • more about the auditing feature in PostgreSQL/EPAS
  • about the utility of built-in monitoring tools in PostgreSQL/EPAS to help solve some commonly reported scenarios
  • how to use pg_stat_statements and pg_stat_activity to find the execution-time statistics for long running queries, the number of
  • buffer reads and wait events
  • how to use pgstattuple in debugging scenarios where relation level information is required and
  • how to use pageinspect for page level details for a relation.

This webinar focuses on the built-in monitoring tools available in PostgreSQL/EPAS and does not discuss external tools available for monitoring PostgreSQL.


Webinar video:



Webinar slides: