Data Analytics in the Cloud with Postgres Window Functions

It was far more than just a lucky break that Postgres has become so well-respected for its exceptional analytics capabilities. The Window function is one of the driving forces behind this success—it enables users to quickly and easily execute complex queries and calculations to gain valuable insights with minimal effort.

That’s what spurred Bruce Momijian VP, Postgres Evangelist, and co-founder of the PostgreSQL community and Marc Linster, EDB CTO, to put together their latest webinar to extensively demonstrate the Postgres Window function. With helpful examples run on EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed Postgres service in the cloud, you'll gain valuable insights and understanding into unlocking complex queries and calculations.

But it doesn’t stop there! Not only will you get the sample SQL code used during the session to review Postgres Window function capabilities, but you'll also get the chance to experience EDB BigAnimal, EDB's managed Postgres service in the cloud, for free after the webinar.

Webinar Recording