EDB Masterclass with Mr. Saket Modi - The Indian Firewall Ensuring “Secure” digital transformation

Do you sometimes think that your phone is spying on you? How will you know if you've been hacked? What can we do about computer hackers and predators?

Yes, Everything can be hacked- from your personal information (mobile data, bank accounts) to business data (apps, softwares, customer data) and you can protect yourself from these cyber attacks by following some simple tips.

In this version of EDB MasterClass, we’ll be joined by Mr. Saket Modi- also referred to as the Indian Firewall, a cybersecurity expert and the co-founder of Safe Security- a cyber security firm providing security services to large organizations including Google & Facebook.

In this session, we will cover various topics related to cyber security that will help you prevent your personal and business data from any cyber attacks and avoid any financial, reputational and legal damage.


EVERYTHING Can be Hacked
Saket Modi, cyber security expert and the co-founder of Safe Security

Security Considerations in App Development & Modernization
Dave Page, VP & Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure, EDB


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