Fuel the DevOps Movement and Innovate Faster with Cloud Native Postgres

Organizations around the world are filtering through the same information as they consider modern application development. With a clear overview of this DevOps pipeline, it becomes obvious why adopting Cloud Native strategies is vital for meeting these requirements.

Join Gabriele Bartolini and Jan Karremans as they discuss how Postgres and Kubernetes are an integration for success. They will share expertise about the application and the whole stack, Cloud Natively deployed on your favorite Kubernetes Distribution.

Key Takeaways:

Why databases on Kubernetes are a good idea
Why Kubernetes is both the expression of the DevOps movement and the fuel that accelerates the speed and rate of change that enables organizations to innovate
The role that EDB plays in this motion and ecosystem


Gabriele Bartolini, Vice President of Cloud Native and Jan Karremans, Global Director of Product Marketing

Webinar recording:



Webinar slides: