How to Harness The Power of New and Improved Features in PostgreSQL 13

Postgres experts Bruce Momjian, Rushabh Lathia, and Marc Linster preview everything new in PostgreSQL 13.

This session explores:

  • Performance benchmarking: 4 years of going faster
  • Logical subscription for partitioned tables
  • Partitionwise joins
  • BEFORE row-level triggers
  • Parallel vacuum for indexes
  • Corruption checking: pg_catcheck
  • Improved security: libpq with channel binding
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server improved partitioning features
  • Additional enhancements - PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server


Webinar video:


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Webinar Q&A:

Q: Any plans for implementing dynamic bloom filters - the one of oracle features for olap?

A:  BJM: I have not heard anything about that.


Q: Can we convert to partition table for existing non-partition table online?

A: Uh, I don’t think there is a way to that without hacking the system tables.