Streamlining Database Provisioning with DevOps

DevOps has become a wildly popular method for building, deploying, updating and maintaining software, especially for cloud applications. Properly applied, DevOps can speed up software release cycles, decrease error and automate routine aspects of software development.

Along with standard DevOps implementation, organizations can also employ DevOps to automatically provision and deploy their databases. BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed cloud Postgres database available on Azure and AWS, has been designed to integrate into DevOps pipelines.

Join Doug Ortiz to learn about how DevOps can be leveraged for provisioning databases, and what else DevOps allows you to accomplish. Some topics we will discuss in this session are:

  • What DevOps is and why it is so popular for cloud applications
  • Benefits to including databases in your DevOps pipelines
  • Common pitfalls and how to proactively address them
  • A demonstration deploying BigAnimal’s Database-as-a-Service via DevOps


Doug Ortiz, Postgres DevOps Engineer, EDB



Webinar Slides: