Supercharge Business Agility and Your Applications with Fully Managed Postgres - August 4

Businesses need flexibility to respond to changing priorities and freedom to focus on areas that build business value. Increasingly, organizations are turning to fully managed services to free up time, resources, and money and achieve the agility they need to succeed. Public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Azure, are two of the most popular options for infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. For critical components like the database, however, the best choice may be less clear cut.

Traditionally, databases have required huge levels of capital and operating expense to run and maintain. With fully managed cloud databases, organizations can now deploy quickly, empower lines of business, and keep their applications always available without having to build their own infrastructure and hire their own teams of database experts. How do businesses choose the right fully managed database for their business?

Join us as we talk about the advantages of fully managed databases. We’ll answer your top questions around:

  • Achieving agility with less resources via out-of-the-box via fully managed benefits such as high availability, backup, and recovery.
  • Differences between database managed services offered via AWS or Azure, versus database-focused vendors.
  • Criteria for choosing the right fully managed database for your business

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