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Media Coverage

The role of CISOs will continue to grow in importance – EDB security predictions 2023

There will always be threats beyond our control, but we can adjust our thinking, architecture, and philosophies to meet these challenges head-on. As we move into 2023, IT executives and business leaders should build the following assumptions into their security strategies for the next twelve months.

EDB Supercharges Availability and Disaster Recovery with Postgres Distributed 5.0

EnterpriseDB is launching EDB Postgres Distributed (PGD) 5.0, introducing extreme high availability for PostgreSQL—up to 99.999%+ availability via active-active technology.

EDB’s Postgres Distributed 5.0 boosts availability, performance

Database-as-a-service provider EnterpriseDB (EDB) has released the next generation of its popular distributed open-source PostgreSQL database, dubbed EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0, designed to offer high availability, optimized performance and protection against data loss.

EDB boasts ‘five nines’ uptime in new Postgres database version

EDB announces version 5.0 of EDB Postgres Distributed with new high-availability features, easier installation and the ability to integrate with the Open Telemetry suite of observability tools.

EnterpriseDB Adds Transparent Data Encryption To Enterprise-Grade Postgres Solutions

EnterpriseDB has announced the immediate global availability of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), which extends Postgres with robust security and performance capabilities for enterprises. TDE significantly hardens data security and mitigates risks for large enterprises.

EnterpriseDB adds Transparent Data Encryption to PostgreSQL

The new TDE feature, according to analysts, not only gives EnterpriseDB a boost in the enterprise but could also propel usage of PostgreSQL.

Experts' predictions for the future of cloud security in India in 2023

As the cloud ecosystem matures, the systems, technologies, and services that give the cloud its power can become a source of vulnerability, which is why cloud security has become vital. Let's dive into a few trends we're seeing as we head into 2023.

Can The Green Cloud Help Build Sustainable Future? Here’s What Experts Have To Say

Shifting to the Cloud can also be a sustainable solution due to cleaner energy transitions, less material wastage, targeted R&D, and faster analytics platforms.

How to protect your personal and professional devices from cyber-attacks

Data breaches often have a short-term, immediate effect on market capitalization and relationships with clients and partners, which causes repercussions. Depending on the business and the sector, these might hinder productivity and halt crucial processes that generate value, innovation, and advance…

5 key considerations for moving your data to the cloud

Moving to the cloud’ can sometimes be easier said than done. There are many different strategies and tools businesses can use for their cloud databases, depending on their budget and business use case, and not all are created equal. This article outlines 5 considerations for businesses when moving…

Rise in adoption of cloud computing by enterprises in India

Data is the new commodity for businesses. With the trove of data pouring in, maintaining their databases came at a high cost, with challenging and intricate tasks required for regular upkeep. As a result, businesses are adopting a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) strategy, with access to services for…

5 key considerations for moving your data to the cloud

Moving to the cloud’ can sometimes be easier said than done. There are many different strategies and tools businesses can use for their cloud databases, depending on their budget and business use case, and not all are created equal. This article outlines 5 considerations for businesses when moving…

Database encryption takes work, but it’s achievable

If widely adopted, database encryption has the potential to vastly reduce the damage incurred by data breaches. It can also quickly accelerate the organization’s efforts to comply with security regulations. The following article focuses on theimportance of database encryption and how to determine…

"Digital Transformation Continues to Accelerate the Adoption of Cloud Storage" Says Ashis Mehra

In an interview with Analytics Insight, EDB's Ashish Mehra discusses how digital transformation continues to accelerate the adoption of cloud storage.

Security Best Practices for Cloud Database Management Systems (DBMS)

With the move to the cloud comes greater flexibility and scalability, but also greater responsibility in managing potential security risks. Data protection should be a top consideration for enterprises looking to deploy in the cloud, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Interaction with Jozef de Vries SVP of EnterpriseDB

TechieExpert interviews Jozef de Vries SVP of EnterpriseDB to discuss EDB's services, technology and more.

Storage Wars: Database Edition

Postgres expert Ed Boyajian, CEO of EnterpriseDB, joins AWS Insiders for a heated (but friendly) debate about NoSQL, Postgres, and the future of distributed and relational DB's in the cloud.

PostgreSQL: State of Play

PostgreSQL arguably has been somewhat overlooked by database commentators; however, this year, PostgreSQL overtook MongoDB as the “most loved” and “most wanted” database platform and developer enthusiasm is probably the strongest leading indicator of future deployments.

Enterprises turning to remote DBAs to boost productivity and cut expenses

When an enterprise decides to move to open source in general and PostgreSQL in particular, the organisation will often seek to deploy remote DBA. Previously, having an on-site database administrator was essential for enterprises; however, the advent of new-age technology has improved the…

You Can Build A Cloud Database Strategy That Is Environmentally Sustainable. Here Is How To Do It

Shifting to the Cloud can be profitable for businesses as it creates long-term value, enabling an enterprise to operate in an ecological, social, and sustainable environment.

EnterpriseDB rides on PostgreSQL momentum in APAC

EnterpriseDB: Driving Innovation Around Postgres

EDB helps organizations get the most out of PostgreSQL. With a strong focus on building an ecosystem of innovation around Postgres, EDB is enabling partners, providing training and consulting to customers, and helping organizations in India adopt Postgres as their enterprise database standard.…

Explained | The rise of serverless computing & what it means for large enterprise business

As data has become a more critical asset, and the core of a business, enterprises are increasingly migrating from fully on premises databases towards hybrid, and even fully managed cloud database management systems. Scott Horn, EDB CMO, talks about how acceptance of new technology has become…

Exclusive Interview with Scott Horn, CMO, EnterpriseDB

Analytics Insight shares an exclusive interview with Scott Horn, CMO, EnterpriseDB. Scott shares EDB's mission, competition and the future of EDB.

Open source databases: What are they and why do they matter?

Marc Linster, CTO and contributor at EDB discusses the control and freedom PostgreSQL offers users.