PostgreSQL Technical Support

Flexible technical support
options to fit your needs

Different workloads require different levels of support. EDB offers three support tiers to match your deployment’s needs.

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For mission-critical workloads with aggressive response and remedy goals



EDB’s standard support plan includes dedicated, global, 24x7 coverage



Affordable option for development and test environments

Why choose EDB for PostgreSQL Technical Support?

Decades of deployment experience and contributions show our
commitment to the success of PostgreSQL and the people who depend on it.


Always on

Our team is available 24x7
to resolve urgent issues


Multiple support channels

Get in touch with us via phone,
email, or support portal


Global PostgreSQL experts

Our support team is one of
the largest in the industry

Technical Support Service Levels

Severity Level Premium Support Production Support Basic Support
Initial Response Goal 1 15 mins 30 mins 60 mins
2 30 mins 2 hours
3 60 mins 4 hours
4 1 business day 1 business day
Remedy SLOs 1 4 hours 24 hours 48 hours
2 8 hours 48 hours 10 business days
3 10 business days 15 business days 20 business days
4 30 business days 45 business days 60 business days
Support Hours 24 x 7 10 x 5
Support Modes Phone / Email / Portal
Annual Support Incidents Unlimited
Named Contacts Up to 36 uniCores = 4
40-100 uniCores = 6
Each additional 20 uniCores = +1

More Support Options


Remote DBA Service

Expert help and 24x7 coverage for your on-premises applications without hiring a full-time DBA


Cloud DBA Service

DBAs with both cloud and Postgres expertise for 24x7 coverage


Technical Account

Proactive assistance getting the most from EDB products and services

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