4 Ways to Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with EDB Postgres

Minimizing the expenses associated with conducting business operations is a key objective for any enterprise that seeks to enhance its profitability, particularly for technology-oriented establishments. CIOs and CTOs are tasked with defining processes that reduce TCO and ultimately generate cost savings. This infographic covers four approaches that IT leaders can adopt to reduce TCO.

Accelerate Government’s Zero Trust Journey with EDB Postgres

What is the Zero Trust model, why is it so important for pubic sector organizations, and how can your organization accelerate your strategy? Download this eBook to learn about how EDB Postgres is designed to support a Zero Trust model and how you can enhance security and control over your sensitive data with EDB solutions and support.

London & Partners Executes a Multi-Version Postgres Upgrade While Migrating to the Cloud

London and Partners is a social enterprise funded by the Mayor of London and commercial partners and a portfolio of venture businesses, and the first organization to bring together tourism and convention outreach. Having used PostgreSQL for 17 years, they knew just what the database could achieve. When their in-house database architect left, they began looking for a remote DBA service as a replacement, determined to continue their highly successful Postgres experience. The answer? EDB Community 360!

How Oracle to Postgres Migration Transforms Businesses: 3 Must-Read Success Stories

The restrictions and drawbacks of legacy proprietary databases like Oracle have never been clearer—especially in contrast to the freedom and innovation offered by Postgres. Consistently, those who make the change find themselves with more flexibility, better control of their data and an enhanced ability to modernize. In this eBook, you’ll learn about the experience of three such businesses.