Agenda d.o.o.

Agenda Open Systems is the leading Slovenian provider of cutting-edge IT solutions and services for digital transformation. Our offerings are based on the latest cloud technologies from the world's largest providers. We emphasize open standards and technologies, leveraging our extensive experience to seamlessly integrate proprietary and open-source business solutions.

TechAccess Cloud

TechAccess has become an acknowledged industry leader in the ICT enterprise distribution market in the MENA region. Headquartered in Dubai, TechAccess provides technology solutions to large private and public corporations as well as governments.


Entrust keeps the world moving safely by putting secure digital transformation within reach. Our portfolio of identity and security solutions enable the world’s most discerning customers to accelerate growth, protect assets, and build trust into every digital interaction. With innovative centralized compliance management and decentralized keys and secrets storage, our solutions ensure confidentiality, integrity, and secure access to critical data while facilitating compliance with security regulations.

Pont Systems

Pont Systems was founded in 1996 as a Hungarian owned IT company with various services from custom software development, IT operations, trough software testing to infrastructure design and building.  Beside Hungary we are able to provide our services by our branches in Romania, Serbia, Germany, Vietnam and Laos as well, mainly for large enterprises (mainly for the finance) and government sector. Pont Systems a long-runner in banking IT, known as a reliable, strategic partner of several banks, other finance and insurance companies.

BI Rhythm Ltd

Our company specializes in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting Services. We offer fully managed end-to-end Business Intelligence as a Service, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of Ship Management Companies. Our goal is to help our clients transform their data into actionable intelligence.

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH

Digitalisation is changing the way organisations work, make decisions and evolve. The key insight is that data alone is no guarantee of success. It is only when people understand how to use data effectively that potential and value can be unlocked. This in turn requires certain processes, behaviours and values - a data culture. And every organisation has one, whether consciously or not. Disy supports your data culture from the database to data analysis.

yITS - Your IT Solutions

yITs is one of the Top Oracle License management and license optimization’s company and one of the fastest growing Consulting & Services Companies for PostgreSQL in the German speaking area (DACH). The company was founded 2018 by Peter Bayer who worked before for Oracle and Hewlett-Packard, based on this skillset he developed an enterprise orientated Consulting & Service Company in Austria. In 2023 Patrick Thomschitz (with more than 10 years experience in PostgreSQL & Oracle) joined yITs as the Head of Database Services and pushes the open-source strategy.


DBConcepts is Austria's leading company in the field of services around database technologies, especially Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSSQL and MySQL. In addition to databases, the core competence lies in the areas of middleware, highly available infrastructures, and managed services. The company was founded over 22 years ago by Klaus-Michael Hatzinger and Peter Macek. Based in Vienna and Nürnberg, more than 50 employees work for numerous customers from different industries throughout Austria and internationally.