OPENWIDE is a specialized IT service company that always brings the best value to our customers. We provide optimal solutions, including servers, storage, networking, PCs, operating systems (OS), and virtualization.

MESA (onair)

MESA is a specialized company specializing in information and communication technology (ICT) service needs and provides services from system architecture design to construction, operation and maintenance. It provides efficient and stable solutions based on the latest technologies and professional know-how to meet various needs of customers, and constantly strives for innovation and customer satisfaction in the ICT field.


Dataworks is a database-service company skilled in all processes from construction to operation of information system databases, as well as DB migration and DB consulting was established in 2007. Especially, Dataworks is strong in the fields of DB consulting, DB performance/tuning, DB construction services, and DB monitoring. And We have the know-how to solve most DB-related problems.


Founded in 2003, Saltware is an IT service and solution provider offering cloud-based solutions to 800+ enterprise customers in South Korea. With over 100 members and over 30 partners, 2022 revenue reached approximately $25.4 million


TimeGate is enhancing customer competitiveness and maximizing customer satisfaction based on differentiated business models and IT capabilities. Founded in 2007, TimeGate has been providing the best enterprise solutions.


HC Info is a company that specializes in improving IT infrastructure operations. Our main focus areas include network, security, server, storage solutions, and software. We strive to establish ourselves as a professional SI/NI company. Our expert engineers develop IT infrastructure that optimizes system environments and enhances competitiveness.


IRE IDS is an integrated maintenance and systems integration company that contributes to providing customers with an optimal IT service operating environment and enhancing customer business competitiveness. Provides technologies and solutions for the high availability, high reliability, and minimization of down time of a customer's computer infrastructure.


We are the best EDB solution provider in korea ranging from New EDB account exploring, in depth Oracle to EDB migration consulting, DB tunning, DB HA, optimization to Second to none care pack service.


Rockplace is the leading open source and cloud specialist company in South Korea. With 20 years of experience serving over 500 clients, Rockplace offers its customers optimal open source services through its team of 90 engineers, the largest in the country.