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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud

Why EDB?

:High availability for PostgreSQL

Database downtime—anything less than five 9s—can lead to painful losses in revenue and reputation. EDB enhances PostgreSQL with tools to maintain not just High Availability (HA), but extreme high availability.

When you absolutely, positively need five 9s

To a business running a mission critical system, the difference between four and five nines is much bigger than just another 9.

Even just an hour of downtime a year is significant when you’re running a mission critical system responsible for processing tens of thousands of transactions per second, every single second of the year.


downtime ratingper weekper monthper year
Five 9s
6 secs26 secs5 mins, 15 secs
Four 9s
1 min4 mins, 22 secs52 mins, 35 secs

If you are processing 1,000 transactions per second, on a yearly basis that represents 3,155,000 transactions that could be missed. If you’re running a payment gateway, for example, that could have seriously detrimental effects to your business and your customers.

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Software that delivers the 9s you need

Our HA software is purpose-built for mission critical workloads, whether you're using PostgreSQL or Advanced Server.


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Highly available also describes our services & support

We have deep experience with customers pushing HA architectures and workloads, across a variety of use cases, services, and support offerings.


Professional Services

Decades of deployment experience

Cloud DBA Service

Combined cloud and PostgreSQL expertise

Remote DBA Service

Expert support for on-premises deployments

We strive for perfect 10s from our customers

Hundreds of customers have shifted their mission critical workloads to PostgreSQL with EDB.

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Why EDB?