2ndQuadrant Business Agreement (UK) - 2020.11.01

If you are purchasing the following: (i) 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Support Subscriptions; (ii) Postgres-BDR; 2ndQPostgres; PGLogical3; TPAexec; LiveCompare; Kubernetes Operator for BDR; and Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL Software License and Support Subscriptions; and (iii) Professional Services on any of the foregoing; the following agreements, as applicable to your order, shall govern.

1.     Product Usage License (Related to (ii) above)

2.     Master Services Agreement (Related to (i), (ii) and (iii) above).  Depending on the services purchased, the following documents will be applicable:

              a.     Service Description, Developer Support

              b.     Service Description, Consulting

              c.     RDBA Service Description

             d.     Service Description, Production Support

             e.      Supported Production Software List